“Dance Container”

 ‘Container’, from the Coventry school of Art and Design were in Broadgate today and yesterday from 12 to 2pm with a vivid performance as a response to the theme of urban development and transformation.

The hollow shipping container depicts a cold, industrial and alien environment. The idea is to put a vulnerable and lone human being in this context to see the change in their reaction. This person comes in the form of German-born Joana Tischkan, a 2nd year Dance and Theatre student of Coventry University. The creative idea of the dance is watching how Joana engages with this performance space as an object through her movements.

German sonic artist Wolfram Spyra will capture Joana’s movement and emotional response in the contained environment. He will do this by attaching speaker and amplifiers to the container to intensify every sound Joana makes. 

Nana Ama Akpoblu, 2nd year Journalism student of Coventry University and press officer for the Mysteries Festival said: “Watching Joana rehearsal her dance moves was surreal. The container is wide open but she doesn’t run out. In a still moment she begins to touch the floor as if to see if it’s real. Her emotional change is quite intense”.