31st Watch Night Service

I’m hoping you had an awesome new year’s eve and where ever you may be you’re still having fun.

I was privilege to attend a vigil service. I would choose that and time spent with family over a crowded city with drunken young and old people.

The service took place at Trinity Baptist church just on Thornlaw road with Pastor Kingsley pronouncing blessing into the New Year.

The 3 profound blessings he were

  1. God will grant us the anointing of completion. Like Zerubbabel, you shall finish.
  2. The blessings of uncommon ideas come over your life.
  3. May God grant us the anointing to persevere.

As believer, he reiterated that the essence of our calling is to preserve.

Perseverance he said is a military state as it needs a lot of effort. He also shared the principles of perseverance.

  1. You must be focused as a child of God.
  2. You must stand strong.

In this New Year, he urged us to travel light in the sense that we should throw down all those emotion that beset us. Throw off bitterness. Also he urged that we avoid litigation. Avoid fornication and adultery.

In 2012 learn to fight your battles on your knees.

Citing the statement of ‘Winston Churchill’ – ‘never give up’

He reminded us of Joseph who maintained faith in a hostile environment.

To persevere; we need to pass the strength test.

  1. Consider the inspiration from



David and

The woman of Nain

2012 is a year to preserve.

Finally Pastor Kingsley summed up by saying the perseverance of John Akhwari at the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico should be our yard stick.

If you are reading this post, good to see you in 2012. Thanks for dropping by remain blessed. Have fun! 🙂