Kaleidoscope Man


Scenes for kaleidoscope man were shot this evening in broadgate Coventry. Kaleidoscope man is a thrilling new science fiction movie director Simon Cox is hoping to release in 2014.

The movie is about Dr Thomas Dunn whose life falls apart and his confidence shatters after the death of his young daughter. He discovers his wife Mandy is pregnant again and see this as a chance to move away from the tragedy of the past and find faith.

As a doctor who cares for paranoid schizophrenics, narcissistic personality disorder and manic depressive patients, one day he has a horrific vision about fire, destruction and the end of the earth. Mandy his wife has the same vision and so does his three patients Harriet, Floyd and Samantha. Thomas Dunn is astounded why these three patients have the same vision as him.

Fear and paranoia grips people around the world as every discusses the vision only some seems to have experienced. Then, a loud bang, accompanied by a deafening noise and an almost blinding flash of light, a new star appears in the heavens. A telescope point skywards, a gigantic spaceship hovers and the people on earth begin to get zapped.


Thomas and Mandy miss each other’s phone calls. As the sun sets, a four legged harvester spaceship attacks the hospital and abducts Dr Thomas along with his three patients; Harriet, Floyd and Samantha. They are forced into pods and here they discover the truth behind the horrific visions and why they were chosen.

Another spaceship launches an attack on earth and collects the inhabitants into pods. Dr Thomas discovers he must look deep within himself not just to find faith but the foresight and courage to save the human race but first he must save Mandy and their unborn child.

Speaking to director Simon Cox as he took a break to look over his scripts, he mentioned this is a project he has been working on for ten years. He added: “My aim is to make one of the greatest British sci-fi movies of all times”.

Simon directed ‘Written in Blood’ and has edited numerous programmes for BBC, ITV Channel 4 and Channel 5. He’s also edited shows like The Wombles, Astro Farm and Treasure Island.

Producer Richard Wood who runs ‘Rootstoshoots’ and also the ‘Coventry Warwickshire Filmmakers network’ was also in broadgate. He added: “The reason why I got involved with this movie is the opportunity to look at something commercial that has a lot of hype and buzz around”.

Speaking to Susan Haycock an extra in the movie she said: “I heard about the movie because the director is a brother-in-law. I used to dance years ago but now I’m acting and even though it’s a really minor scene I’m enjoying it”.