The whale

The festival continued in the city centre. I aimed to take a trip into the belly of the whale to see the theatrical performance of the lovesick submariner.


I entered the belly of the whale, the mouth of the whale shut and the red curtains were drawn. In there sat a mariner with a rather lost expression and an accordion. He said to me he is trying to send a message to his long lost love. He has a limited amount of words that he could write however he has to get all the words in for his note to make sense. We sat for about two minutes trying to figure out how best to compose this letter.

In the end we came up with a solution. Before the exited the belly of the whale the mariner handed me a folded paper with a note to give to his lost love if I find her. I’m not entirely sure where to start looking but I took the note all the same. He sang and played the accordion quite well but as to whether I was serenaded by this love sick mariner. I would leave that to the judgment of whoever went into the belly of the whale when I exited.