Reflection on Street Art Exhibition


The fifteen minutes bus journey to the city centre was not something that particularly excited me. I was on my way to see an art exhibition. It was not because of the lack of interest in art gallery exhibitions but rather because of the street art factor to it that got me less exited.

I was thinking to myself it will be full of hooligans and probably not so disciplined youths. I didn’t suppose a random fight would break out although with the people l imagined would be in attendance it could be possible.

New in Coventry and also looking for a news story to write my article on, I decided to attend. I was amazed by the vibrant crowd that were milling about anxious to see what was on display. The exhibition had attracted people from all over and there were certainly no hooligan amongst them.

The people in attendance were from all ages. Some came alone like me; others came with their family and others with friends. When I heard about street art coming to town initially I did concede it will just be about graffiti being beautified and to my shame it was something more sophisticated than that.

I deemed it a privileged to have met the likes of Ben Slow, Mohammed Ali and many other artists who were present to talk about their work that evening. And listening to them was amazing.

This experience taught me to put aside my stereotypes and embrace events with an open mind as there is always something new to learn or something to add on to what I already know. If I had allowed my prejudgement to get in the way, l would have missed out on a beautiful evening that gave me a lot it talk about and also a good piece of feature article I wrote as a follow on.