Designs of my Heritage


Aspiring fashion designer Jacqui Agyemang has taken to designing vibrant African fabrics to create modern style with a twist.

She said: “My overall inspiration is to be a designer like Cristobal Balenciaga who was known for his incredibly chic, sophisticated and well executed designs.”

Elegant, stylish, smart and casual are themes that form an important part of the clothes that she designs. African fabrics are often rich in colour and as designer with an eye for detail she pays attention to the infusion of colours.

She expresses the desire to work behind the scenes putting together performer’s wardrobe in a theatre or gain experience as custom designer on set. However, in the future Jackie aims to work as an established designer in the fashion industry. Her goal is to have her signature fashion label and also run her fashion house.

The very best to Jackie as we have hope to see her labels the run way. Watch this space guys.