Proposal and SWOT


For my work experience, I have decided to do a work placement within a print or broadcast organisation. Working with a company is somewhat traditional however it ties in well with what I intend to do after graduating as I hope to get a job within the broadcast industry.

While studying in France over the summer holidays, one of my course mates happens to works with Al Jazeera Arabic channel. Through her I have contacted Al Jazeera in Qatar and expressed my interest in coming to do some work experience with them and I am still awaiting a response.

I have also contacted one of the editors of my local news paper in Bromley – London: ‘News shopper’. She responded to the email saying she has forwarded my email to the Deputy News Editor who deals with work experience inquiries and I am yet to hear from the news editor.

While looking at the website of university of Lyon, I came across an event called ‘World Wide Web 2012’ that would take place in April 2012 and it was asking for volunteers. I rang the co-chair of the conference and expressed my interest to volunteer at the conference and he sent me an email to that effect. Subsequently I filled a volunteer’s form online and submitted it. They are also yet to get back to me.

I attended a conference for Ghanaian graduate in the UK held at Coventry Technology Park and wrote an article about it. Voice of Africa Radio (94FM London) was streaming live from the conference. During the break, I had a chat with the gentleman who runs the station and expressed my interest as being part of the news team. He asked that I email him later on. I have sent a few emails to him and he is yet to reply any of them.

I have also emailed Steve Orchard, CEO of Touch FM and Phil Riley CEO of Orion and Mercia fm. I sent them an article I wrote during their visit to Coventry conversation in February. Phil appreciated the article as a well written piece. However Steve found the piece well written and also requested for a copy of my audio piece which I sent to him immediately. He is also yet to give me a feedback about the audio piece.

I have also made contacted Premier Christian radio asking them how I can get involved with what they do as they were advertising for volunteers. I am also yet to hear from the European Youth Press: an organisation that runs a forum and work placement for young journalists.

I am looking forward to hear from any of these contacts. Should they all response to me, I should have a fairly substantial amount to select from. Nonetheless, I am still making contacts and hoping other avenues would open should none of these contacts get back to me.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weakness
  • Ability to construct well written articles for print or broadcast.


  •  Author of several articles on CU today and Source online.
  • In tuned with WordPress blogging platform and blog management.
  • Most people I know would describe me as determined and unwavering.
  • Learn quickly and able to adapt to change in a short period of time.
  • Others describe me as committed and strong willed.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Innovative and able to work as an individual or in a group.


  • I suffer from procrastination as it always sets me back.
  • I have little relevant work experience in Journalism.
  • Pressure to finish work quickly as they are sometimes left too close to deadline.
Opportunities Threats
  • A demand for Journalists
  • Previous experience widens opportunities available.
  • Can go down the academic path because I am studying English language as part of my degree.
  • Can work as a pupil French tutor.
  • Competition is very high.
  • Difficult financial times.
  • Must be up to date with changing technology as news needs to be quick and easy to access.

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