Professional Experience

  Radio Plus…..“Giving Coventry More”.

To work for Radio Plus, I had to spend a week to listen to the station. Get a feel for the kind of music they play and also understand what makes them unique and different to any other radio station. During this listening time, the station manager Tim Coleman emailed me the music policy for the radio station. I spent time reading to get a good insight into what the station does and how it serves the city of Coventry. After a few days listening to the station I had to write a statement and submit it to Tim telling him the DNA of Radio Plus. This exercise will also help him know if I know enough about the station to work for them.


DNA of Radio Plus

Radio Plus seeks to reach the un-churched 16-35 year old audience in Coventry. It aims to break away from the stereotype that church music is structured, formal and dull. Radio Plus plays contemporary music. These are usually easy to listen to and upbeat.

The songs played have a convention of popular music. The aim of this is so it appeals to younger generation and more so the target audience of un-churched 16-35 years who might often find Christian songs rather boring.

Radio Plus’ song is sourced from Way Fm and what these two stations have in common is playing contemporary Christian music. Radio Plus adopts a seventy-five percent song from Christian artist and twenty-five percent secular song policy. Nonetheless, secular music must not promote teachings that are not in line with the Bible.

Radio Plus does not seek to impose its views on the listeners; however it aims to promote Jesus Christ whether directly or indirectly.

Under training

Before I was given this huge responsibility of auditioning music the station manager took me through a day’s training. I was also given a key to come in when I have free time within my timetable. This was a good start as I am able to plan the whole experience while I get on with my other modules.

Day 1 of Work Experience

Tuesday 14th February 2012 – Radio Plus

Today I started my professional experience at Radio Plus. It was an exciting first day for me and I was eager to learn all about what it entails to audition songs. I started with Arlene who has also secured a place with Radio Plus. We started with over 5450 tracks. As huge as that looks we hope to get through it all before the work experience is completed.

Time to Audition

Audition is a systematic process in which an industry selects performers. When this knowledge is applied in term of the role given to me in Radio Plus, I have to listen to the song, the lyrics, their meaning and determine they are appropriate for the station. The songs to be auditioned must fit the music policy of the station.

Radio Plus runs on a 75 percent Christian and 25 percent secular music rule. As a community Christian radio, the songs must be appropriate for its listeners and this is what the audition process helps us to determine. In line with the stations music policy, all songs with artist who have being in the lime light for the wrong reason and also song with innuendoes are deleted.

The tracks are already in the system. However our job is to group them in various categories such as Christian A or Christian B and secular A or secular B. Christian A songs are songs by Christian artist on the chart while Christian B songs are Christian music but not on the chart. Secular A are also secular chart songs and secular B are non chart music however they are popular.

I  listen to the songs and determine the lyrics are appropriate for the station. I categorise them in terms of the tempo, whether fast, medium or slow.  I also find the name of the artist as some songs come without the artist name. I research online using the lyrics of the song.

Team Building Seminar

18 February 2012

This morning I attended a Radio Plus training and team building seminar. It was a meeting which most staff and presenters attended. It was a good time to meet the other members of staff as well as presenters who work at the studio.

I was introduced to everyone by the station manager Tim Coleman and he also told everyone the important job I was doing in terms of auditioning song into the payout system.

The seminar was held to review the progress of the station and brush up on a few Ofcom rules on advertising and being able to sell advertising space on Radio Plus. We also discussed the move to the new building that the station has secured at Spon End and the climbing of Mount Snowdon to raise funds for the station. The atmosphere was lively and it was good to see how presenters got on well and shared their views to enhance the progress of the station.

Day 2 of Work Experience

21th February 2012 – Radio Plus

I spent about three hour today auditioning more songs into the system. I was working alongside Arlene. I deleted a few songs because it had different version of the same song. I listened to all of them to select the most current version.

The songs do not always appear in the cart with the artist name and this calls for research using the lyrics of the song. So many songs have similar title therefore I had to listen to the song attentively while reading the lyrics to determine which lyrics matched the title. Today has been a good second day of auditioning.

Day 3 of Work Experience

22nd February 2012 – Radio Plus

I went to audition more songs today for my professional experience. I realise that finding the lyrics and artist to quite a few of the songs I auditioned today was proving hard. This was because the songs were from the 90’s and also a bit outdated. Some of the songs were also not well known. I still have a lot of songs to get through, if I stayed long on researching into artist, it will waste time. I make a note of the song to revisit it later and move on to a different song.

The songs I auditioned were under the category of worship B and secular B. I also deleted the songs that didn’t fit with the DNA of the station while adhering to the seventy-five percent Christian and twenty-five percent secular rule.

Radio Focus

Radio Focus is part of the Spectrum radio network. It’s a multinational radio station. It has China Radio international which transmits live and pre-recorded programme to Beijing, Irish Spectrum, Sunday Jewish Radio, Persian Radio and many other stations under the network.

Radio Focus broadcasts to the West African community here in the UK and abroad. It is also a popular station among the Ghanaian community in the UK. More so, they have a large number of listeners in countries like Italy, Holland, France, Germany and many more.

I heard of Radio Focus from a student naturopath who was on the show talking about health. When I expressed interest in doing my work experience with a radio company he suggested I get in touch with Radio Focus. Radio Focus is on Sky channel 0185,, modern and also on

Day 4 of Work Experience

13th March 2012 – Radio Focus

Today I started my work experience at Radio Focus. I was asked to come in at 1pm and I was there by 12:15pm. I met the presenter I’ve been in touch with by name Amansan-Boafo. He then introduced me to other presenters and a few members of the team.

I was then introduced to the host of the Drive Time DJ K.K who I will be working with. In a brief but detailed conversation with him, he asked what I had done and what my previous experiences were and also if I had any experience in radio.

I showed him a few of my online articles and also talked about my involvement with the student led Source Radio team as a news reader. Since I wasn’t specifically asked to prepare anything for the day all I did was sit in the drive time programme with K.K to watch how he runs the show and I was there till 6pm when the drive finished.

As news reading is what I’m first good at doing and also expressed a keen interest in, they decided I should start with doing the news on the drive time and I will be given other responsibilities as we go along.

I was asked to prepare some bulletins for the next day. DJ K.K told listeners I am in the studio and should stay tuned for news updates the next day. There is no news reader on K.K’s show and from what I observed; he did bits of sports in the last hour before the drive finishes.

My reflection for the day was; a lot of work goes into the programme to make the drive a good listen for the audience. I am really excited about being involved and I looked forward to starting my duty as the news reader on the show.

Day 5 of Work Experience

14th March 2012 – Radio Focus

I was in the drive show as a co-host and prepared with the news. Today is the Hip Life edition of the show, so a selection of hip life songs was played throughout.

Hip life is a Ghanaian musical style which dates back to the 1980s, which fuses highlife and hip hop. It is influenced by dancehall and reggae. Hip life is usually recorded in various languages spoken in Ghana. It is also becoming increasing popular throughout West Africa and also in the U.K, United States, Canada and Germany.

The drive time runs from 3pm to 6pm. 30 minutes after the drive begins, a health care programme is aired, accompanied by a phone-in session where listeners direct various question the health professional. The health professional is not physically present at the studio; she comes on the show on phone as she is based in Germany. She is hosted for the 30 minutes and the drive continues after.

Today I read the news every 5 minutes the hour. Reading the news on such a scale was a far cry from what I do on the student-led Source radio. Source Radio runs on an AM frequency and compared to Radio Focus which is not only transmitting on Sky channel 0185 but also abroad. I was nervous at the start but I carried on confidently after a few sentences.

My News scripts below:

From the UK

Bus Crash Kills 22 Children on Ski Holiday

A bus crash in Switzerland has killed 28 Belgian tourists, 22 of them children, on a ski trip

The vehicle reportedly hit the wall of a motorway tunnel in the Swiss Alps, near the border with Italy. Another 24 children were reportedly injured in the crash.

Six adults, including the two coach drivers of the coach, died in the accident.

The bus, transporting 52 people from the Flemish-speaking region of Belgium, crashed on Tuesday night in the canton of Valais, an area of popular ski resorts

The passengers were travelling from Val d’Anniviers back to Belgium.

Obama Holds White House Talks With Cameron

David Cameron and US President Barack Obama will hold formal talks at the White House on the second day of the Prime Minister’s official visit to America.

The two leaders are expected to focus on the timetable for the withdrawal of US and UK troops from lead combat roles in Afghanistan, possibly as early as the middle of 2013.

All Nato combat troops are due to be withdrawn from the country by the end of 2014, with only those involved in supporting and training Afghan security forces remaining.

From Ghana

2,474 Men Beaten By Wives

Two thousand four hundred and seventy four men (2,474) were beaten by their wives last year, according to statistics from the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit. This shows an increase of 62 per cent over the 1,528 (one thousand five hundred and twenty eight) cases recorded in 2010.

The women are said to have attacked their partners with harmful implements such as knives, sticks and hot pressing irons over issues like poverty, irresponsibility, alcoholism, drug use, frustration, intimidation and denial of sex.

Despite the sharp increase in husband battering, women are still said to be worst victims of domestic violence, with 15,495 (fifteen thousand four hundred and ninety five) cases reported last year.

Mr. Freeman Tettey from Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit urged victims to report the perpetrators to the police, instead of accepting out-of-court settlements, especially in cases of sexual offences, spousal murder or rape.

Mills’ trip to US yields billions for development

The official visit of President John Atta Mills to the United States of America has yielded not less than 1.2 billion dollars to help boost the Ghanaian economy and improve social infrastructure.

Fairfield, a Connecticut-based company, will rebuild part of the country’s western rail lines that needs one billion dollars to be fully rebuilt.

The rest would be used to support the development of infrastructure under President Obama’s Partnership for Growth programme with Ghana.

Achimota-Ofankor road to open to traffic in May

All sections of the Achimota-Ofankor Road will be completed and opened to traffic in May this year.

The opening of the 5.7-kilometre, three-lane dual carriageway with three interchanges and service roads is expected to enhance driving on the corridor and significantly reduce the ‘go-slow’ that keeps motorists in traffic for hours.

When completed, the road will have four footbridges, bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways, as well as several lay-bys along the service roads, especially for commercial motorists to load and offload passengers.


To make the programme lively, the host and I picked out subject of interest to discuss. We also discussed mother’s day as a theme and its importance. I was then asked what I would be doing for my mum on Sunday and I gladly shared that with the listeners.

My reflection for the day was I got better and was less nervous when I read the news the second time when it was five minutes to the hour. A listener also texted in to say he/she likes the sound of my voice. I should say today is a good start seeing it is my first time reading the news on such a scale.

Day 6 of Work Experience

15th March 2012 – Radio Focus

Today airs the High-life edition. Highlife is a music genre that originated in Ghana in the 1900 and spread to countries like Sierra Leone and other West African countries. Highlife is characterised by jazzy horns and guitar tunes.

The era in which highlife originated makes it a good listen for people who were born or grew up around that time. Mainly the older generation enjoy it because of the jazzy tune. The highlife edition brings diversity to the drive.

Today’s news bulletin was on anguish over the coach crush in Switzerland and American soldier accused of shooting afghan civilians. I also read news bulletins from Ghana as Ghanaians form a greater part of the listeners. I obtained West African based news from various certified online website and through further research. Radio Focus also has a number of studios and I work in studio 3.

My News scripts below:

From the UK

Survivors’ Anguish Over Swiss Coach Crash

A doctor treating some of the young survivors of a coach crash in Switzerland that killed 22 children has told Sky News they have been asking about the fate of their school friends.

But the medical staffs have been unable to tell them anything because those who were killed have not yet been identified.

Dr Michael Canans, who works at the hospital in Sion where 14 children were admitted on Tuesday night, said most of them have fractures of the lower limbs. But he admitted that the psychological damage could be severe.

Accused American Soldier ‘Flown To Kuwait’

A US soldier accused of shooting dead 16 Afghan civilians is reported to have been flown out of Afghanistan to Kuwait, as around 1,000 protesters have reportedly taken to the streets near Kandahar.

The staff sergeant, who has not been named or charged, left Afghanistan last night to what US officials describe as a pre-trial confinement facility.

From Ghana

Kofi Wayo: It’s survival of the fittest in Ghana now

The Founder and Leader of the United Renaissance Party (UFP), Charles Kofi Wayo says Ghanaians are living in a state of ‘survival of the fittest’

According to Kofi Wayo, incomes are so low that the general population is poor and as a result, old people who are supposed to have social benefits are often seen on the streets selling to make ends needs.

Blakk Rasta blasts Kubolor; he has disgraced all men

Outspoken radio presenter, Blakk Rasta has lashed out at musician, Wanlov Kubolor, describing the artiste’s showing his genital on daytime television as a shameful act which disgraces men in general.

Kubolor has received a lot of bashing since last Saturday when he showed his genital on the Delay show, hosted by radio personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso.

The hostess had sought to dispel some of the myths surrounding Kubolor, such as the belief that he does not wear underwear. He confirmed it by lifting his piece of cloth and showed his genital to her. Kubolor however continues to say he has no regret for the action.

Day 7 of Work Experience

16th March 2012 – Radio Focus

Today airs the ‘thank God is Friday’ edition of the drive. The drive time runs from 3pm through to 7pm as it’s the extended edition. It also features a phone-in discussion about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) from a company called Bank Charge Recovery Limited. They are also the proud sponsors of the drive. Today’s news bulletin is a summary of the events of the week.

News script below

Events of the week.

From the UK

Prince Harry is looking for love. Form an orderly queue…

Prince Harry has revealed he’s concerned his royal duties might stand in the way of finding love.

Harry gave the interview at the end of his 10-day Jubilee Tour of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

He was in demand as ever, with Miss Bahamas announcing she wants to marry him and a Victoria’s Secret model kissing his cheek in Brazil.

Fears Of Afghan Violence At Friday Prayers

It has become something of a common phenomenon throughout the Arab Spring that Friday prayers presage some sort of action by the people.

The fact is the Friday prayer can be an ignition point throughout the Muslim world; which is why the Afghan government, the international community and the security forces here have been holding their collective breath ahead of this week’s prayers.

Grief For Lives Lost In Smash Is Overwhelming

The population of the small suburb of Lommel-Kolonie came out as one to pay respects to the victims of the Swiss coach crash.

Belgium is holding a national day of mourning for the 28 victims.

A British boy Sebastian Bowles, was among the 22 children and six adults killed the crash.

From Ghana

The search for Miss Ghana 2012 has begun

Organisers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant, Exclusive Events Ghana, have announced Wednesday that scouting for contestants for the Miss Ghana 2012 beauty pageant has begun.

A professional model instructor and trainer, “will lead a team of scouts to all ten regions of Ghana to identify young, savvy, exceptionally beautiful and intelligent ladies for the 2012 edition of the prestigious pageant.”

Police in nasty brawl with Airport security

Police personnel last Wednesday morning, were engaged in a free-for-all-fight with airport security at the country’s international airport.

The brawl is suspected to be a hangover from a misunderstanding between national security personnel and the airport security during President John Mills’ arrival from the United States.

Headmaster shares bungalow with female students

Accommodation challenges facing the Mangoase Senior High School (MASS) in the Akuapem North district of the Eastern Region have compelled the headmaster of the school to cede part of his two-bedroom bungalow to female students of the school.

Close to 50 students are occupying the headmaster’s kitchen and sitting room, with some sleeping on the about 20 beds available, while others sleep on mattresses on the floor

Day 8 of Work Experience

20th March 2012 – Radio Plus

As part of my work experience and my support towards Radio Plus’ move to a new building, I took part in a knittathon organised by Arlene. It was an enjoyable activity and very different from audition at the studio or reading the news at Radio Focus. A good amount of money was raised and I am glad I took part.

The item I was knitting was a carry on from a scarf I’m knitting for about a week now. The knittathon was a good way for raising fun and I also donated as my support for Arlene climbing mount Snowdon. Subsequently I’ve also being online to donate on Tim Coleman’s website as my support for him climbing the mountain.

Day 9 of Work Experience

 21th March 2012 – Radio Plus

I was back in the studio doing some more auditioning. The songs were now down to 3600. Arlene has been working well to get the songs down while I’ve been away on my second work placement. The problem we encountered today was we could hear two tracks playing over each other even though only one song was in the queue.

We decided to use our initiate instead of calling the station manager straight away. We pressed the eject button on the track playing and after a while the double playing stopped. Auditioning is becoming more like second nature and I’m also getting more and more used to the songs. I can listen to a song and I don’t have to spent time on it to know if it’s suitable for the station or not. This also makes me aware that I am learning and adapting well as the days progress.

Day 10 of Work Experience

 23rd March 2012 – Radio Plus

I spent about three hours auditioning some more songs into the system. There were a lot of songs from gospel artists, where as the secular ones where few and far between. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a problem as it fitted the 75:25 percent radio of the stations music policy.

Looking for the artist of certain songs can be quiet difficult. Searching with just one or two word title of the song is sometimes not enough to find the artist. What I do is to listen to the song and search by a line in the song. This technique has been helping in finding the original artist of some the song I audition. I didn’t delete as much songs today and the songs I liked today I made a note of them to listen in my spare time.

Day 11 of Work Experience

26th March 2012 – Radio Plus

I sent about an hour auditioning some more song today. However, I had to leave earlier than planned because one of the presenters came in and wanted to audition some song for his show which starts at 8pm. So I had to allow him use the desk.

Day 12 of Work Experience

27th March 2012 – Radio Plus

I spent two hours auditioning today. The songs in the folder called 60’s is now finally empty. I will start on the folder with 3230 songs when I go in tomorrow. Going to the studio is running consecutively because my major course work are out of the way so I’m able to dedicate time to be going in a few hours every day.

Day 13 of Work Experience

28th March 2012 – Radio Plus

I started working on the ‘All’ folder. Songs in this folder is somewhat easy to edit. This is because most of them had artist names next to it. So I didn’t spend as much time searching for artists to the songs.

What I did instead was listen to the lyrics to make sure they suited the station. I came across a lot of secular chart and non chart songs when I was auditioning. There were not as many gospel songs in this folder so I had to be attentive to keep the 75:25 percent ratio.

Day 14 of Work Experience

Friday 30th March 2012 – Radio Plus

The folder containing over 3000 songs is gradually coming down. What I realised today was most songs in this folder were predominately secular music. If I carry on auditioning the proportion will not be balanced.

I called Tim to inform him and ask his advice on what to do. He asked that I look on the desktop for a soft ware called “switch sound file converter”. I had to locate the file for the next thing he was going to direct me to do. He logged into the system to direct me on what to do and logged out after that.

I went to the new music folder which had over 200 mix of song waiting to be auditioned. However the songs were wave file and need to be converted to mp3 files before they can be auditioned.

I copied all the songs into the “switch sound file converter” to be converted. The conversion took over half an hour to be done. Before files are converted, a destination for the converted songs needs to be selected. However I didn’t do this because I thought a destination was selected after prompting the system to convert the songs.

In a few minutes of the song being converted, I saw the desktop being flooded with mp3 songs. I couldn’t let this carry on because it makes the desktop look very disorganised and messy. I used my initiative and created a folder immediately. I then dragged all the converted songs in to the folder. It also took about another 30minutes for all the songs to be converted.

The next process is to import the song into the auto cue to be auditioned. I open a folder called “shortcut to import”, I then drag all the songs which have now been converted into mp3 songs into this folder. Usually when songs are put into this folder to be imported the process is quick however this took a while as there were a lot of songs.

The next destination of the imported songs is in the folder called “New”. To see all the songs I have imported, I right-click and refresh the page. After this was done I began auditioning. What I also found was a few of the song I’ve just imported were Christmas themed. I will ask Tim when next I go in which folder such themed songs are auditioned to.

Today’s task was rather technical and not the usual straight forward auditioning I’m now used to. Nonetheless, it was a two and half hours well spent.

Day 15 of Work Experience

2nd April 2012 – Radio Plus

Today I carried on working on the songs in the “New” folder. These were the ones I imported from yesterday. I called Tim to ask where to put the Christmas themed songs, he said to leave them in the folder and they would be used when they are needed.

Like some of the earlier songs I’ve been working on, the newly imported mp3 songs had no artists. I am now accustomed to researching online for artist. I found most of the ones I looked for. Auditioning is become second nature and I’m enjoying the experience.

Day 16 of Work Experience

3rd April 2012 – Radio Plus

Today I worked on the newly imported mp3 files in the ‘New’ folder and also the songs in the ‘All’ folder. This was because the songs in the ‘All’ folder were predominantly secular. While those in the new folder were Christian and Christmas song. I had to draw on both to keep the proportion balanced.

The songs were now nearly down to 2000 and auditioning has certainly added to my music knowledge. I’ve heard songs that would usually not be played anymore unless it is specifically search for. It has also been a good way to know more artists both Christian and secular. As it is end of term in a few day and I still have a few days of professional experience to do. Nonetheless the rest of the days would be completed at Radio Focus.

Day 17 of Work Experience

10th April 2012 – Radio Focus

I was back at Radio Focus today.  It is good to know I was missed and with listeners asking of me. Today’s edition of the drive is a mixture of highlife, hiplife, francophone theme songs and other songs sourced from West Africa.

I didn’t read the news today. However we touched up on a few headlines and discussed it. Also, an hour before the show ended DJ K.K read the sports highlights of the weekend.

 Day 18 of Work Experience

11th April 2012 – Radio Focus

Hiplife and Azonto edition of the drive. Azonto is an expressive dance that originated in Ghana. It incorporates complex body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion. Bending of the knee and hip movements are some features of the dance. The songs played on today’s edition of the drive are often used in this expressive dance. Hence some people call the songs ‘Azonto songs’. Nonetheless azonto is a dance and became popular through hiplife artists. This dance craze suits the younger generation because of the complex coordinated body movements.

I read the news today. I get up in the morning to prepare the bulletin and I often add updates where necessary before the drive starts. I have also reduced the number of sentences I put in the bulletin. I find that even though I rehearse the lines before reading it tends to be wordy sometimes.

News script below

From the UK

Tsunami Warnings After Indonesia Earthquake

Countries surrounding the Indian Ocean have issued tsunami warnings after an 8.7-magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia.

People along India’s east coast have been told to move away from the shoreline after tremors were felt in the cities of Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

Energy Deal Could Save Customers £100 A Year

Energy companies will be required to write to customers every year telling them the best deal for their household.

Customers could save £100 a year by switching their tariff, but 70% of households pay more than they need because they are not on the best rate.

Nick Clegg hopes a new agreement with Britain’s six biggest energy firms will offer customers the most efficient deal, driving down gas and electricity bills.

From Ghana

NDC Blames NPP For Cedi Depreciation

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is said to be behind the rapid depreciation in the value of the cedi. According to Mr. Gabby Assuming, the NPP has been able to convince its supporters who are dealers in second hand clothing, popularly known as “folks” to increase the importation of the commodity with hard earned precious dollars, with the single purpose of causing the value of the cedi to depreciate.

Azonto Banned In Global Evangelical Church

Azonto is sexually suggestive says Rev. Nelson Yaw Ekor of the Global Evangelical Church. Azonto is the dance craze of the day, spreading like wild fire across the African continent and beyond.

It is the latest and the most popular dance among the young and old folks, but the reverend minister has strong opposing views about the dance, with moves he described as suggestive, opting for it to be banned in the church.

Okyeame Kwame tops VGMA industry awards

Okyeame Kwame was the big winner at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards industry awards held on Monday, bagging the Songwriter of the Year and Music for Development nods. His song, ‘Faithful’ also gave ‘Appietus’ Appiah Dankwah the Producer of the Year title.

Day 19 of Work Experience

12th April 2012 – Radio Focus

Today’s highlife edition was lively. DJ K.K is always prepared with a list of songs he would be playing and I was also ready with my news bulletin.

For my news bulletin, I try to adopt the BBC radio 5 live style. In Radio 5, the news is usually brief when read, however the important highlight is always addressed. I try not to make my script long winded as it’s for broadcast and not print.

News script below

From UK

Shooter Charged With Florida Teen’s Murder

A man who shot dead a black teenager in a case that has caused outrage in the US has been charged with second-degree murder.

Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey confirmed George Zimmerman, 28, has been charged over 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s killing.

She revealed that Zimmerman is in police custody, at an undisclosed location somewhere in the state, after he handed himself in.

Two Footballers On Trial For ‘Raping Teen’

Two professional footballers have been accused of raping a teenage woman in a hotel bedroom as other men looked on through a window and one of them filmed what was happening.

Sheffield United striker Ched Evans and Port Vale defender Clayton McDonald allegedly attacked the victim who was “very drunk indeed” and “in no fit state” to consent to sex.

Tower Block Death Plunge Teenager Named

The teenager who plunged to her death from her tower block flat when plain-clothes police came looking for her has been named locally as Shanise Paris-Goff.

Ms Paris-Goff, 18, fell from a window of her 17th-foor apartment just after two officers called to arrest her for a breach of parole.

From Ghana

Call to ban Azonto in churches is unnecessary – Rev Gabriel Ansah

Rev. Gabriel Ansah, the Senior Pastor of “Nasem University”, says he sees no problem with people dancing ‘Azonto’ in and out of church in appreciation of what God has done for them.

He said that the meaning of the dance must properly be defined before passing judgement on it.

“We need to find out whether it’s obscene, nude or indecent. Is it the beat, the style, the gesturing or the expression that we need to find out?”

Moroccan Cocaine Woman In Tears

A 37-YEAR-old Moroccan woman arrested at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) by Narcotics Control Board officials for allegedly importing narcotic drugs into the country has appeared before an Accra Circuit court.

However, the case was adjourned to today for a French interpreter to assist the court since the accused person could not express herself well in the English language.

Ghana moves up in FIFA Ranking

Ghana has moved up to the 22nd position in the latest FIFA Ranking released on Wednesday.

Even though Ghana lost four points, the Black Stars moved a place up after occupying the 23rd spot for the past two months.

Ghana begins the qualifying campaign of the 2014 World Cup in June but remained the second best on the continent behind Cote d’Ivoire.

Day 20 of Work Experience

13th April 2012 – Radio Focus

Bashment is another song genre played on Friday’s drive show. Like most Friday the song choices are mixed. They are hiplife, highlife or azonto.

Bashment is another name for dancehall. Dancehall is a type of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s. Like auditioning in Radio Plus, being at Radio Focus is also broadening my music knowledge. A few of the songs are not songs I often listen to however I enjoy them now. More so the beats in the songs is very catchy. The song list is complied so same songs are not repeated consecutively during the week.

Apart from the brief discussion of some of the news headlines, we talked about the upcoming Ghana music awards being held on Saturday. Ghana Music Awards is hosted by Vodafone Ghana. Its equivalent is the Brits Awards or the Grammy Awards.  UK artists with Ghanaian heritage most often get invited to this prestigious event.

News script below

From the UK

Lover Crashes Ex’s Car Into Bowling Alley

A jilted lover crashed her ex-boyfriend’s car into the bowling alley where he worked after he changed his Facebook status to “single”, a court heard.

Spurned Claire Holley, 31, got drunk and ploughed through the glass doors in her ex’s Ford Focus

Cameron Greeted In Burma For Historic Visit

Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived in Burma where he will need to tread a fine line in meetings with the country’s leader and the head of the pro-democracy movement

Fears Over Rising Lung Cancer Rate In Women

High rates of smoking among women in the “Mad Men” era of the 1960s is having a shocking effect decades later, figures have showed.

Statistics released by Cancer Research UK revealed more than 18,000 British women were diagnosed with lung cancer in 2009.

From Ghana

President Mills condemns murder of a Zimbabwean investor in Juapong

President John Evans Atta Mills has condemned the killing of a Zimbabwean investor in Juapong in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region.

The investor, Andrew Mayer was in Juapong to invest in agriculture. He was however killed last Tuesday by some unknown persons.

D’Banj’s account was hacked; he did not change his name – Publicist

Following a recent widespread backlash for a ‘new name’ that appeared on musician D’Banj’s twitter account, his publicist has issued a statement stating that the artiste’s name was changed by fraudsters who hacked his twitter account.

The Mo’Hits founder’s name on twitter recently changed from Dapo to Daniel. This instantly received condemnation from Nigerians who saw it as a betrayal of his Nigerian identity

Buk Bak fasted for more than two weeks for Kolom’s success

With God all things are possible says Buk Bak following their recent come back and success of the hit track Kolom.

After a seven-year absence and advice from their fans, they give all the credit of their success to God.

They also disclosed that they individually fasted and prayed to God for the success of the album with Bright fasting for two weeks while Rodney fasted for three days.


As today is the 20th day of my work experience, I have reached my required 20days of work placement. However I have been asked to stay on for a few more days because of my contribution to the show. I think I am allowed to say the number of people who tune in have increased since I have been on the show. DJ K.K has also commented a few times on my immerse hard work whiles working with him.

It is really a great encouragement to know that I am doing a good job and also my contribution to the programme is very valid. If this was my place of employment, recommendation like this is bound to get me more responsibilities if not a promotion. I have agreed to stay on a few more days reading the news and contributing in whichever way I can to the drive programme.

Day 21 of Work Experience

17th April 2012 – Radio Focus

The drive runs from 3 to 6pm with a mix of hiplife and highlife songs and I was working alongside DJ K.K as the co-host. Instead of a detailed headline news from the UK and abroad, I did an in-depth compilation of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

We made a few prediction last Friday and it was exciting when we got quite a few of them right. I am gaining a broad knowledge in Ghanaian music. This genre of songs is usually about everyday events of life or about the economic situation of the country.

Music Award Winners

From Ghana

Sarkodie is Ghana’s best artiste for the second time

Ghana’s fastest rapper, Sarkodie has been crowned Artiste of the Year, at the 13th edition of the Ghana Music Awards held on Saturday.

This is Sarkodie’s second time after winning the top-most prize of Ghanaian music at the 2010 edition of the awards.

Full list of winners:

Artiste(s) of the Year

Hiplife/Hiphop Artiste(s) of the Year
Kwaw Kese

Highlife Artiste(s) of the Year
Kwabena Kwabena

Gospel Artiste(s) of the Year
Gifty Osei

Best New Artiste(s) of the Year
Stay Jay

Best Collaboration of the Year
Okyeame Kwame/Bertha – Faithful

African Artiste(s) of the Year (Non Ghanaian)
Ice Prince

Hiplife Song of the Year
D-Cryme – Kill Me Shy

Highlife Song of the Year
Kwabena Maphia – I Go Pay

Most Popular Song of the Year
Sarkodie – U go Kill Me

Afro-Pop Song of the Year
Zigi – You Say Wetin

Hiphop Song of the Year
Kwaw Kese – Poppin

Gospel Song of the Year
Selina Boateng – Me Nku Me Ho

Reggae Song of the Year
Blakk Rasta – Miss Right

Group of the Year


Album of the Year
4×4 – Waist and Power

Best Male Vocal Artiste
Kesse – Oh Yes

Best Female Vocal Artiste
Efya – I’m In Love With You

Best Music Video of the Year
Becca – African Woman (Davis Media Group)

Best Rapper of the Year
Sarkodie – U go Kill Me

Song Writer of the Year
Okyeame Kwame – Faithful

Record of the Year
Kwame Adinkra – Akua Dansoa

Gospel Album of the Year
Gifty Osei – Fefeefe

Day 22 of Work Experience

Wednesday 18th April 2012 – Radio Focus

The show continued with diverse hiplife and azonto songs. The health professional who does the phone in health programme is not in Germany at the moment that has been the reason for her absence. We often fill her slot with news from around the world and discussion of the headline news and other events.

Listeners were informed yesterday that I would be running the desk today as the DJ and I delivered as promised. To show I have learnt something since I’ve been on the show, running the desk was a good way to display that.

I run the show as the DJ from 4 to 5pm. I made a list of the few songs I wanted to play and I also asked K.K to review the list for me. I was a little nervous when I started but I gain a lot more confidence a few minutes later. I played a selection of songs and read one bulletin about every ten minutes. I leave the song playing in the background when I’m reading the news.

What I did differently was instead of reading the bulletins like I usually do; I picked a topic and talked about it. It was a way of engaging the listeners. Making listeners feel I was sharing ideas with them.

The song in the background was a good idea because it brings a unique dynamic to the way I was running the show. Also if I got nervous while talking, listeners will hear the music playing instead of silence on the air waves. I sent shout out to my family and friends who were listening.

I began the programme by saying “Good afternoon to all my listeners. All the way in China I say “Ni hao”, all the way in France I say ‘Bonjour, J’espere que vous etes bien aujourd’hui’. All our listeners in Italy I say ‘Come Stai, Dio te benedica sempre’. I also said hello in Polish and a few Ghanaian local languages.

Speaking different languages is my keen interest therefore starting the show briefly speaking different languages was a good way to make me less nervous.

I also feel that because of the variety of languages I sometimes speak on the show, listener have taken immense interest in listening to me on the drive and the DJ K.K has also being an encouragement.

The time running the desk only got better. A few of the listeners from Italy called in off air stating I was doing a really good job and they were all keenly listening to me. The caller stated I started a little nervous but with time I made the program more enjoyable. The caller also said listening to me as the main host for the hour, they are convinced that I can host the programme when the main host is not able and also I’m capable of being his assistant.

In regards to some listeners being able to tell I was a little nervous from the start, this points out the fact that on radio every emotion is captured. As long as listeners hear you, they can tell if you are nervous, excited or not so keen on what you are doing. This call among many other to the studio whilst I was on air was an encouragement to me. Having gain more confidence after being told I was doing an amazing job, I subsequently sent shout out to all listeners in Italy.

News script below

From the UK

UK Unemployment Falls To 2.65 Million

UK unemployment fell for the first time in nearly a year in the three months to February to reach 2.65 million, according to official figures. It is the first quarterly fall in unemployment since the three months to May 2011

Newborn Boy Snatched After Mum Shot And Killed

A newborn boy was kidnapped after his mother was repeatedly shot and left to die outside a medical centre in Texas.

Kayla Marie Golden, 28, had taken her three-day-old son Keegan for a check-up when she had an argument with a woman parked next to her.

Norway Killer Claims He ‘Had English Mentor’

Norwegian gunman Anders Behring Breivik has told his trial in Oslo he had an “English mentor” who he met during a visit to London in 2002.

Breivik spoke about the meeting on the third day of his trial as he was being questioned about his contacts with other extremists ahead of the murderous rampage that left 77 people dead.

From Ghana

Political parties condemn Kennedy Agyepong

An inciteful comment made by NPP’s Member of Parliament for Assin North, Kennedy Agyepong has generated more condemnations from various political parties and he is under investigations for his possible treasonable remarks.

I will act nude to get an Oscar – Majid Michel

Actor Majid Michel is one of Ghana’s hottest screen acts ever and the actor is envisaging taking his outstanding talent beyond the shores of Africa.

His dream is to feature in a Hollywood movie directed by James Cameron stating that he will act nude if that’s what it takes. He also added that Halle Berry acted nude to win an Oscar.

Praye Honeho weds Beverly Afeglo

Eugene Baah popularly known as Praye Honeho of Praye fame tied the knot with his fiancée actress Beverly Afeglo on Saturday in Tema.

The two, who have been dating for about four years now, tied the knot at a short ceremony at the Action Chapel Community 9, Tema.

Day 23 of Work Experience

19th April 2012 – Radio Focus

Thursday’s drive with a good selection of highlife songs and interesting discussion and I read the news bulletin with confidence sent out shout out to my friends and a few more shout outs to people who were texting me off air requesting a song.

News script below

From the UK

London Mayor Debate: The Main Contenders

The three main contenders in the London mayoral election are preparing to face each other live on Sky News at 8pm.

Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone and Brian Paddick are battling for votes before the poll on May 3.

Tonight’s clash will be the first broadcast debate between Mr Johnson and Mr Livingstone since their explosive row on tax in a radio studio that boiled over into a shouting match in a lift.

US Troops Posed With Maimed Afghan Bodies

Pictures of American troops posing with the maimed bodies of suspected Afghan insurgents have been published in the US, prompting an apology from Washington.

In another photo soldiers posed with Afghan police holding the severed legs of an insurgent bomber. Two soldiers in a third photo held a dead insurgent’s hand with the middle finger raised.

US Baby-Snatcher Admits Killing Child’s Mother

A nurse in Texas who had suffered a miscarriage has admitted to shooting a young mother dead and taking her three-day old baby.

In a case that has shocked America; the mother was leaving a paediatric clinic with her child when her attacker, Verna McClain, fired at her repeatedly.

The killer then drove away with Kala Marie Golden’s infant son, who was then found on Tuesday evening unharmed.

Day 24 of Work Experience

 20th April 2012 – Radio Focus

Today was another ‘thank God it’s Friday’ edition at Radio Focus. As it was a Friday, the songs played were a mix of ‘Azonto, High Life, Hip Life and Bashment’. The songs were played in no particular order. Sometimes high-life would be played after three hip-life song.

Some songs were also played because they were requests from listeners. This could either be under any of the song categories mentioned earlier. It didn’t matter much if the categories differ because Friday’s edition allowed songs to be played in any order.

I did the news after every hour. Instead of a jingle being played and I reading the news straight after we decided to do things a little differently today. What we did was I choose a headline story from the bulletin, read the major focus of news then K.K and I discuss it into details. This was how we got through all the bulletins on the sheet. The discussion we objective and we avoided any hints of taking sides with headline we found a little controversial.

It made the broadcast lively and not the usual straight forward bulletin of the news reader reading and audience listening. Since I prepared the news story and did the research into the story, I led the discussion with the host adding a few input. DJ K.K read out the sports highlights about half an hour after our news discussions.

Bulletins we discussed today.  

From UK

Call To Cancel Bahrain F1 as Cars Practice

Formula One drivers have started practice runs in Bahrain amid increasing calls to cancel the Grand Prix race because of anti-government protests.

Cars took to the track this morning as activists promised to mark this weekend’s event with “days of rage”.

Black Fire fighter Makes Police Racism Claim

Scotland Yard is facing a new case of alleged police racism after a black firefighter claimed he was arrested by six officers without good reason, assaulted and then shot with a stun gun.

India Tests New Long-Range ‘Nuclear Missile’

India has successfully test fired a new nuclear-capable missile known as the ‘China Killer’, prompting fears of regional instability as more countries join in the arms race.

India and China have become more militarised in recent years, spending more and more on defence, as their economies have boomed.

From Ghana

Fetish priest in court for murdering lover

Nana Kwabena Arhin, a 35-year old fetish priest, appeared before the Kade District Magistrate’s Court on Thursday charged with murdering his 19-year-old girl friend.

Arhin’s plea was not taken and he was remanded in prison custody to re-appear on May 3.

Man arrested for registering 15 times

A 47-year-old man has been arrested by the Odorkor Police in Accra for registering 15 times in the on-going biometric voters registration (BVR) exercise.

Archibald Laryea was picked up at the Naroda polling station at Sakaman in the Ablekuma North Constituency in Accra Tuesday, when he attempted to register for the 16th time.

Goodluck Jonathan attending Stephanie Okereke’s wedding?

Actress Stephanie Okereke is about to get married this weekend and she is making sure it is a memorable one. The actress has sworn to make her wedding the most attended by celebrities. President Goodluck Jonathan, who sees Stephanie as one of his adopted daughters, would be in attendance with his wife and a large entourage.

Learning Development

I went into this experience with some knowledge in music. I was reading the news on the student-led Source Radio. I could write news scripts for broadcast produce a package and also use Adobe audition and Premier Pro to edit sound files.

After this experience my knowledge in different genres of music has gown immensely. I am now more knowledgeable in West African and francophone music. Bashment which is another name for Jamaican dancehall music was something I knew nothing about. However after this work experience I appreciate music in this category and the diversity and beauty about the tunes.

My news reading skills have improved greatly. Source Radio is only on an AM frequency compared to Radio Focus which is on Sky channel 0185 and all over the internet. Reading the news on such a huge scale is not only a privilege but also a great learning process.

My knowledge in controlling sound desk in a studio has improved greatly. I am also able to audition music tracks into a play out system making a great judgement call if the song suits the station. I have gained transferable skills which I can carry on to any other radio station or news channel.

(Please click on cv link for an updated version)

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