‘My Bike!’ Update

If you have read my previous entry, you would know it’s exactly about two months I posted an entry on my friend’s bike being stolen.

Although a formal complaint was logged, nobody ever got back to us and that is very disappointing. The days sadly went by and we did hope we would find it but to no avail.

Although she said she’s never seen the same made since she moved to Coventry. Once hers went missing she started to see exact models in town that sent her heart racing. On closer examination it wasn’t hers. Unfortunately we never found it and to be honest I don’t think we are looking for it anymore.

God been so good she’s bought a new one. Oh yes! Misbegotten hooligans beware because you won’t come close to the new one. She is guarding it with eagle eyes!

Time well-spent

Christmas and the festive season is usually all about spending time with friends and loved ones. It was to this regard that we decided to hold a get together at our house.

The turnout was good neither did our guest want it to end. They were impressed with the ambiance and there was just too much to eat. Although we didn’t have speakers to blast the song we were trying to play from a 15inch laptop, the live karaoke was certainly helpful. It was also the first time we’ve had the house that full.

When I look back I feel those who were meant to be there were the people who attended. For those who couldn’t attend for one reason or the other I’m hoping the next time round they make. It was great fun I can’t tell you how much. And for those who instead of politely sending apologies for not being able to attend rather compose a blatant lie, I don’t really have much to share to them.

It not something I would say I have single handedly hosted before: in the absence of family I mean however it was a time well spent.

‘My Bike!’

Monday was very upsetting for a very studious and dedicated student of Journalism and Media whom I would rather not name, but happens to be my dear friend and house mate.

After her last lecture at 6pm she gave me a call to find out where I was. While talking to her I heard her exclaim: “oh God! Nana my bike”. The call subsequently went off.

Ages later she came home looking deeply upset and on foot. Your guess may be as good as mine: some shameless hooligan has made off with her bicycle.

Crime rate is quite low in Coventry as compared to other big cities thus we are surprised by this disgraceful act of theft. She described how distressful it was for her as people stared at her strangely as she took off the lock the misbegotten thief left behind on the bike stand.

One of the things that she said gives her hope is, it’s been a year since she moved to Coventry and she is yet to see anyone with the same model of bike as hers. Thus it will be easy for her to recognise her bike should the illegitimate owner come cruising with it in town.

Considering she lives a bit of a  distance from campus, the bike was a very helpful asset to commuting and it also made carrying her shopping much easier.

A formal complaint has been logged at the Coventry police station and she is awaiting further action. Looking forward to hearing good news to this regard.  Stay tuned.


Fresher’s Fair

It was certainly bigger and even better as Coventry University welcomed its fresher’s with non-stop music, a thrilling atmosphere and a legion of freebies. The influx of fresher’s as well as returning students added to the exciting atmosphere. Free key holders, bottle openers, lollipops, sweets, pens and even whistles were enough to get students visiting the various stands.

The aim of most students if not all was to go back as many times as they could. For me I was feeling a little guilty and for the fear that I would be recognised for having come for a freebie more than once. Everyone told me to disregard that thought. So eventually like everyone else I went as many times as I possibly could.

The stands included Riley’s sports bar with its 80 pence per bottle of drink offer, NHS blood with free tooth brush and tooth paste, SK 8 House, the Herbert Art gallery, IKEA with a £1 off shopping voucher, Birmingham university air squadron, our very own Source media team and many more.

Mobile and broadband companies like 02, Virgin media and Lebara were also available with numerous sign up offers and discounts. It looked like the battle of the mobile phone companies.

The “His and Hers” goody bag got students green with greed because of its packed free content. Not forgetting the free dominos pizza which student couldn’t have enough of; with some students even boasting about how many rounds they have been for a pizza. Listening to the boys blab on about eating way too much pizza, I followed suit.

They were even kind enough to teach me the trick; ‘Don’t go to the same person twice for pizza. Alternate who you go to every time.’ There were quite a few pizza servers at the stand so the advice worked well.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t a bad idea after all. I left London pretty early and didn’t have breakfast not that I eat my breakfast anyway. Still not an excuse but oh well.

As students often tend to be a target of burglary, Endsleigh insurance was also present to encourage students to have insurance of some sort on their personal belongings.

Speaking to a few fresher’s I met at the fair,

Elizabeth said: “It’s good and I’m enjoying myself”.

Tamara a fresher intending to study English said: “It’s amazing how much is available. I would certainly attend the next fresher’s fair even though I will be going to my 2nd year then.”

Ulicka and Rachel both intending to study sociology found the atmosphere really lively.

Don’t remember having that much fun last year. Truth be told I didn’t really attend my fresher’s fair. What I remember attending was the clubs and society fair. I focused most of my attention on attending the introductory lectures and after I just got the bus and went home. I now feel cheated out of freebies.

I think going back a few times to get more freebies was to appease myself for having missed out on last year. I can say without a shadow of doubt that fresher’s fair is truly fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Finding the perfect abode


This is the time of year when students are anxious to find a place to live. Apart from the existing students there will be an influx of first years coming in September. Finding the right place to live can seem a daunting task but when done patiently the result is rewarding.

Do take the following into consideration as you look for a place to live in the coming academic year. 

  •  Decide the kind of accommodation you want to live in.
  •  Have a realistic budget you can afford.
  • Choose your housemates carefully. If you are not getting along well in halls now it won’t get any better when you move in with them.
  • Don’t rush into finding houses; nevertheless don’t leave it till the end.
  • Go for at least two or three viewings before coming to a decision. Possibly go with a friend for a second opinion.
  • Choose an accommodation with ‘character’ and also something that reflects you.
  • Have a ‘good feeling’ about the house when you walk through the door.
  • Have a clear idea of where you want to live whether in the city centre or on the outskirts of the ring road.
  • Disperse the myth that students are untidy and hence pay no attention to where they live.
  • Take into account the general cleanliness and up keep of where you choose to live.

When the difficult part of finding the perfect place is done…

  • Ensure your deposit is secured.
  • Keep a hard-copy of the contract agreement
  • It is also advisable to keep a record or a receipt of all rent payments.

Now off you go to find the perfect abode. Good luck….