Designs of my Heritage


Aspiring fashion designer Jacqui Agyemang has taken to designing vibrant African fabrics to create modern style with a twist.

She said: “My overall inspiration is to be a designer like Cristobal Balenciaga who was known for his incredibly chic, sophisticated and well executed designs.”

Elegant, stylish, smart and casual are themes that form an important part of the clothes that she designs. African fabrics are often rich in colour and as designer with an eye for detail she pays attention to the infusion of colours.

She expresses the desire to work behind the scenes putting together performer’s wardrobe in a theatre or gain experience as custom designer on set. However, in the future Jackie aims to work as an established designer in the fashion industry. Her goal is to have her signature fashion label and also run her fashion house.

The very best to Jackie as we have hope to see her labels the run way. Watch this space guys.

Ladies Breakfast

“There are moments in life its best if a man lead and they are also moment in life its best a woman leads. Develop your character, discern your calling and reach out to the lost”

This morning’s ladies breakfast offered so much more that I could ask for. I am sure I would be permitted to speak for the ladies who were present that it was the best value for money.

Not only did I leave the meeting with added knowledge but I also left with a bunch of daffodils. Not what you are thinking….I didn’t make off with them. It was offered and I took them and said “thank you” because I love flowers.

As the food digested, we looked at the culture and role of women in the Old and New Testament and the culture of young women today.

God created men and women to be different but equal. In the days of Jesus He healed God’s broken plan as He sort to reunite women with the society they lived. Only followers of the Rabbi could sit at his feet and that didn’t include women. Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet in Luke 10:39 was an example of Him challenging the culture of the time.

In the old and new testament women were behind the screen. They didn’t have a voice as they were not allowed to talk. This conversation brought us to the hotly debated scripture of 1 Corinthians 14:34.

Was Paul a man of contradiction or a servant of the cause?

Pastor Helen helped us to understand that when this scripture is not taken out of context it becomes clear that Paul was writing to the early church and admonition them to celebrate their differences. That is; men should behave as men and women should be quiet, listen and receive wisdom. Paul was urging women to listen in submission to those who know more than them. 2 Timothy 12:11.

In Acts 18:2, Aquila was first introduced by Paul but by Romans 16:3, we see a role reversal as Priscilla is introduced before Aquila. This is Paul raising the profile of women in society.

He wasn’t silencing women but rather encouraging them to gain knowledge to take their place as godly women in society. God ultimately seeks to connect our culture and community to himself 

This takes us to Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (NKJV)

And, Acts 2:17 “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” (NIV)

Paul doesn’t contradict himself but rather he was standing up for women as God seeks to connect them to their culture and the community as a whole.

“It’s not about gender, it’s about our gifting.” Pastor Helen summed up.

That brought the breakfast to a close and the table was cleared.

Remain blessed.

1st Day of the Year, 1st Sunday of the year

It’s the first day of the year and most people like to pay attention to what they hear. An encouraging and uplifting start is what most people yearn for. The year may have uncertainties but you would rather be for the positive news.

With Pastor Kingsley Appiagyei sharing insights and a prayer into the months ahead, what more could we ask for?

The topic for today was centred on Uncommon Ideas.

Everyone usually has an idea on how they want things to be done or an idea about a situation. It might not be in-depth but they still have a plan of some sort.

Talking about Uncommon Ideas is not only about a plan of some sort people usually have in mind, but rather a thought or impression that sets one apart from the crowd.

Still on the topic of uncommon ideas, the scriptures sighted were Job 32:8 – 9 and Isaiah 43:19

He looked at what he meant by an idea.

An idea can be; saying that an idea can be

  • A thought
  • An Impression or
  • An image of an existing conception.

Elaborating on Ideas, he cited

Great Ideas that have changed the world

  1. The wheel 3500BC – helped men to move things from one place to the other.
  2. The printing press – 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg.
  3. Braille – 1825 by Louis Braille
  4. Anaesthesia – 1847 by James Young Simpson
  5. The World Wide Web (WWW) – 1989 by sir Tim Berners-Lee        
  6. The aeroplane – 1899 by the Wright brothers.
  7. Ford models – 1903 by Henry ford.
  8. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – by Paul Lauterbur
  9. Germ theory of disease  by Louis Pasteur
  10. Facebook – 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg

How do we get ideas?

  1. By looking
  2. By listening
  3. By learning – Solomon in the book of Proverbs says to go to the ant and learn.
  4. By linking
  5. By revelation

What are the ideas that work?

  1. It must offer new solution (Isaiah 43:19)
  2. It must improve on existing solutions.
  3. It must be able to compete on quality of value.

He also shared that God doesn’t put money into our pocket but rather He blesses us then gives us an idea.

When God decides to bless you

  1. He gives you the gift of life (Gen 24:1)
  2. He gives dreams and vision (Ecclesiastes 2:14)
  3. He gives you ideas (gen 31:10 – 13)
  4. He gives you wisdom and favour (psalms 90:7)
  5. He gives you gifts and talents.
  6. He gives you divine connections.

So why don’t you develop on that brilliant idea that has been on your mind all this while.

Receive Uncommon Ideas!

Remain blessed.

Thanks for dropping by.