Reflection on the cabinet of curiosity

The things I love and loath I believe are as a direct result of my upbringing and also things that appeal to me as an individual.

I ask myself would I have loved the same music and have the same fashion sense had I been brought up in a different culture? I respect that most of my discipline has aspects of Ghanaian training in it because that is my heritage. However the different culture I’m referring to is not the British one I live in neither is it the Ghanaian parental influence I have had. Rather would I have seen life the same way as I do had I been born in Papua New Guinea? May be not.

I love a variety of music because that was what I was exposed to as I grew up. As a child I am susceptible to the things around me. My parents were my role model and the most important people to me. Therefore whatever they did and whichever music they listened to had a direct influence on me.

I love travelling because I acquire new experiences. On the other hand, my desire to visit other places besides my immediate environment could be because I do not like to be at one place over a long period of time. I believe I have fitted in well with a mix group of people right from boarding school till now because of my conviction that there is something new to learn from the people I meet. Continue reading

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I believe you are well. I can envisage the beaming smiles that have been on your face these past weeks. It is a smile well earned, do not lose it.

How I admire you dearest Nana-Ama, your determination, your sense of maturity and continuous persistence. I am happier now than ever with your achievement but I would not trade the difficult times in making this dream materialise because that has contributed to you.

College was a step up the ladder and a great learning experience for you but I admire your courage of wanting to move up that ladder and not stay there forever. Although you once traded your love for the art for the sciences, I was not surprised when you came back to your first love hence enrolling on English language and literature. The days in applied science class was a brief knowledge acquisition experience. Hence your return to the arts reflects the true you.

You have made it to university and I am very proud of you. I also hope you know you have made many proud by your achievements. And your siblings have a good example to aspire to. This has always been you dream and you have made it a reality. Congratulations.

I know there had been times you felt that your peers you started together with academically have gone ahead of you. However, I am very delighted you did not let that discourage you but rather it served as an encouragement for you to aim higher. Always remember that things happen to people at different stages in life and yours is now so make the most of it.

I know what you are doing now precious Ama. You are in the library most likely trying to finish that assignment that is due in three days.

Congratulations that you are persistent in remaining focused. I am gratified to know that moving away from home to university has not changed who you are but rather it has helped you stay focused on you studies as well as your personal development.

Apart from the library, your new house is your second library and also your relaxing place. Do avoid the temptation of wanting to sleep when there is work to be done. I know there would be that sense of saying to yourself “sleep for a while besides the bed is just behind you why not make good use of it?”. Papa is not here to keep an eye on what you are doing in your room. As to whether you are chatting away on the internet and deferring the doing of you work to a later day or as to whether you are indeed concentrating on the work at hand. Do the right things which I know you always do. Be proactive in all you do and also remember not to fall asleep on the laptop when you get tired while doing your work. Mama is also not here to turn it off for you.

I believe you are keeping in touch with friends both far and near but when it’s time to study, remember that is the most important thing which brought you to Coventry. You are here and would not trade this experience for any less.

It’s encouraging to see that a year one you are still getting along with your new house mates who were at first total stranger as of the 27th of September. I see you smiling with your new found friends and getting along well because you have always had that warm-hearted nature about you. Always remember not be too hard on them if they do not leave things as tidy as you would want them to be. Continue to talk to them politely if the need arises other than that I’m glad to see you are adjusting very well.

I can also see a year on you are still enjoying this course you enrolled on and giving this new found experience you best. Hope your still remember the congratulatory dinner that was thrown for you as a send off and that is still encouraging you to know that you have a family who deeply care. Aunty Linda shedding tears of joy just talking about how proud of you she is. It has been rewarding to also know that a year on you are enjoying Journalism and English and making immerse progress. I hope it is remains the best path to have chosen. Knowing you, you would have excelled at your subject and taken up a language related course should the opportunity be given.

Until then beloved one, keep the ‘fire burning’ and congratulations on your achievement. You aspiration to study Journalism in the university has finally materialised.

The first year is going to be over before you know it. However know that it is the beginning to good, challenging and fulfilling experiences to come. So you cannot afford to lose the enthusiasm now. My message to you is fear not and do not let anyone put you down in anyway. Look forward to the coming years and the day of your graduation.

Many blessings

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Cabinet of Curiosity

What draws our attention as individuals always vary. Human beings by nature are curious beings. Curiosity helps us to explore beyond our immediate surroundings. Without being curious we will not aspire to know more about the things around us. It is our curiosity that drives us to ask questions like why, how and what if.

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