I couldn’t resist than to buy the primrose that caught my attention as I walked past the flower shop this afternoon.

The walk home got me thinking about primroses and flowers in general. I decided to do a research and these were my findings;

Primrose flowers bloom in spring. There are around four hundred species with some found on every continent. The come in white, cream pink, orange, purple or striped and given proper growing conditions, they multiply each year.

Primrose thrives well in damp and woodland like conditions. Slugs and snails are the common attackers of primroses.

The different types of Primrose are:

Candelabra primrose: Blooms in late spring and flower stalk can grow to about thirty-six inch tall. It blossoms in white, red, purple or pink.

Common primrose: This is a native to Britain, Ireland and Europe. It blooms late winter to early spring.

Cowslip: Blooms in mid to late spring and can grow to about eight to ten inches tall.

Drumstick primrose: Blooms in early spring to about twelve inches tall.

German primrose: Blooms late spring to early summer in shades of pink, red or lavender. The stem can grow to about twelve inches tall.

More so, they are hybrid primroses but those don’t tend to thrive well.

Do you have a favourite flower?


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