In Time for Christmas

My journey home for Christmas this year is a far cry from last year. Last year’s journey was just painful. With heavy snow fall, I just had to be optimistic about getting home. When I got to London was when it hit me I should brace myself for not getting home any sooner.

Everywhere was covered in heavy snow and it wasn’t helpful all the buses were not taking me as far as I wanted to go or even close enough to connect to the next bus service.

I was stranded, I was cold and I couldn’t even cry if I wanted to. My dear uncle was supposed to pick me up. Guess what……..he skidded and crush into a lamppost. Don’t worry he’s fine now and was fine even then only the car got damaged thank God.

After what seemed like years. I got a bus that would take me closer to connect my journey. Unfortunately, that also terminated because it couldn’t climb the hill for fear of skidding. We were all alighted and I was looking so helpless because my chances of getting home were getting slimmer.

I wheeled my suitcase painfully and achingly through the snow. Had my laptop with me which weighs a tone, my hand bag and an extra bag. Even with gloves my fingers where so frozen I couldn’t text let alone answer my phone.

This time round there was no snow and no stress. All I had was my suitcase with my laptop in it and my handbag. This time my journey was smooth and I totally liked where I sat on the train.


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