Christmas Has Never Been More Alive

Once upon a Christmas

It was certainly bigger at the Living Nativity that took place atop the roof of Elim church in Coventry from 4 to 6pm today. A cold but thrilling atmosphere, a legion of free burgers and sauces, fun packed activities and non-stop carols blurring from the speakers. It was an amazing spectacle for rush hour traffic.

Give us a honk and we’ll give you a wave said Pastor Simon: and so did the motorists.  The scene was set as a manger would look like: Mary sitting with baby Jesus in her arms and Joseph right beside her. They were surrounded by shepherds and wisemen.

King Herod featured too. Herod as we might know wasn’t at the birth of Jesus but he is also part of the Christmas story.

I won’t say I have conquered my fear of heights going up the roof. Nonetheless it was fun and a little adventure for me, apart from my toes and fingers feeling lifeless after an hour and half. The living nativity continues right through to Friday.

Going down to watch it is a certainly a good start to Christmas. Perhaps you want to know more about Christmas. Don’t worry about the cold, when yummy burgers await.


Merry Christmas!


2 comments on “Christmas Has Never Been More Alive

  1. brings back primary school days when I played Herod… then my dad changed my name from Manasseh to Joseph cos he feared I might be ‘wicked’. I liked it tho’.. i get to write fewer letters.. lol

    • That’s actually cute. I played the role of a shepherd and it was cold! A Live shepherd atop a roof on a cold December evening took more than dedication! Have to say I enjoyed it though 🙂

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