Welcome the New Year

I’m hoping you had a good Christmas and are excited we are saying bye to 2011 😦 Like me, I’m also hoping you don’t few nostalgic about letting the year end. I think it would be fair to say, like birds, let us leave behind what we don’t need to carry into the New Year.

As this year comes to an end I take time to thank all the wonderful people who have been thoughtful and shown concern.

2011 is ending in a few hours, why don’t you take time to thank all the good people who made it beautiful

I pray you be blessed with a fruitful year ahead and may every good thing you’ve long dreamed of materialise.

So in advance I wish you a

Fantastic – January

Loveable – February  

Marvellous – March

Foolish – April

Enjoyable – May

Successful – June

Wonderful – July

Independent – August

Powerful – September

Tastiest – October

Beautiful – November

Happiest – December

Happy New Year

Bonne Année et Bonne santé !

Thanks for dropping by 🙂


Westminster Abbey

My quest to capture the Christmas spirit let me to a beautiful carol service in Westminster Abbey.

Christmas in the local area.







In Time for Christmas

My journey home for Christmas this year is a far cry from last year. Last year’s journey was just painful. With heavy snow fall, I just had to be optimistic about getting home. When I got to London was when it hit me I should brace myself for not getting home any sooner.

Everywhere was covered in heavy snow and it wasn’t helpful all the buses were not taking me as far as I wanted to go or even close enough to connect to the next bus service.

I was stranded, I was cold and I couldn’t even cry if I wanted to. My dear uncle was supposed to pick me up. Guess what……..he skidded and crush into a lamppost. Don’t worry he’s fine now and was fine even then only the car got damaged thank God.

After what seemed like years. I got a bus that would take me closer to connect my journey. Unfortunately, that also terminated because it couldn’t climb the hill for fear of skidding. We were all alighted and I was looking so helpless because my chances of getting home were getting slimmer.

I wheeled my suitcase painfully and achingly through the snow. Had my laptop with me which weighs a tone, my hand bag and an extra bag. Even with gloves my fingers where so frozen I couldn’t text let alone answer my phone.

This time round there was no snow and no stress. All I had was my suitcase with my laptop in it and my handbag. This time my journey was smooth and I totally liked where I sat on the train.

2nd Year

If you think second year is hard, wait till you get to third year said the third year students. There is just too much work in second year, gosh we wish we were in first year said the second year students.

This term has been an eventful one. With loads of assignment deadlines, filming to do and carrying heavy camera equipment around.

Nonetheless it’s all been fun and the hard work has paid off. When I look back I feel I deep sense of achievement and proud for the good work I contributed to.

‘My Bike!’ Update

If you have read my previous entry, you would know it’s exactly about two months I posted an entry on my friend’s bike being stolen.

Although a formal complaint was logged, nobody ever got back to us and that is very disappointing. The days sadly went by and we did hope we would find it but to no avail.

Although she said she’s never seen the same made since she moved to Coventry. Once hers went missing she started to see exact models in town that sent her heart racing. On closer examination it wasn’t hers. Unfortunately we never found it and to be honest I don’t think we are looking for it anymore.

God been so good she’s bought a new one. Oh yes! Misbegotten hooligans beware because you won’t come close to the new one. She is guarding it with eagle eyes!

Christmas Has Never Been More Alive

Once upon a Christmas

It was certainly bigger at the Living Nativity that took place atop the roof of Elim church in Coventry from 4 to 6pm today. A cold but thrilling atmosphere, a legion of free burgers and sauces, fun packed activities and non-stop carols blurring from the speakers. It was an amazing spectacle for rush hour traffic.

Give us a honk and we’ll give you a wave said Pastor Simon: and so did the motorists.  The scene was set as a manger would look like: Mary sitting with baby Jesus in her arms and Joseph right beside her. They were surrounded by shepherds and wisemen.

King Herod featured too. Herod as we might know wasn’t at the birth of Jesus but he is also part of the Christmas story.

I won’t say I have conquered my fear of heights going up the roof. Nonetheless it was fun and a little adventure for me, apart from my toes and fingers feeling lifeless after an hour and half. The living nativity continues right through to Friday.

Going down to watch it is a certainly a good start to Christmas. Perhaps you want to know more about Christmas. Don’t worry about the cold, when yummy burgers await.


Merry Christmas!

Time well-spent

Christmas and the festive season is usually all about spending time with friends and loved ones. It was to this regard that we decided to hold a get together at our house.

The turnout was good neither did our guest want it to end. They were impressed with the ambiance and there was just too much to eat. Although we didn’t have speakers to blast the song we were trying to play from a 15inch laptop, the live karaoke was certainly helpful. It was also the first time we’ve had the house that full.

When I look back I feel those who were meant to be there were the people who attended. For those who couldn’t attend for one reason or the other I’m hoping the next time round they make. It was great fun I can’t tell you how much. And for those who instead of politely sending apologies for not being able to attend rather compose a blatant lie, I don’t really have much to share to them.

It not something I would say I have single handedly hosted before: in the absence of family I mean however it was a time well spent.