‘Bullies Stop Now’

Coventry University student union launched its new ‘Dignity and Respect’ policy yesterday in the Hub.  The policy is designed to support individuals who feel they are being bullied, harassed or humiliated. It also marks the start of National Ban Bullying week.

‘Dignity and Respect’ is about helping people to take control of the situation. The policy is supported by volunteers who are also University staffs who offer a “listening ear”.

Coventry University is committed to providing a study and work environment that is free from any form of discrimination, victimisation, bullying and harassment.

Some signs of bullying include: teasing, intimidation, physical threats, unwanted physical contact, inappropriate jokes and so on.

Whilst at the university every student as well as staff has the right to be treated and also an obligation to treat others fairly with dignity and respect. To achieve this, the university has a formal ‘Dignity and Respect’ policy and will not tolerate behaviours that breach this policy.

The ‘Dignity and Respect’ advisers provide a service which is informal and totally confidential and thus serves as an opportunity to discuss concerns and identify options or possible next steps to take.

The details of the advisers can be found on the University’s Equality and Diversity Staff and Student Portal. You can also contact the Equality and Diversity Office on Ext 7148 or alternatively email:equality.per@coventry.ac.uk.


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