‘My Bike!’

Monday was very upsetting for a very studious and dedicated student of Journalism and Media whom I would rather not name, but happens to be my dear friend and house mate.

After her last lecture at 6pm she gave me a call to find out where I was. While talking to her I heard her exclaim: “oh God! Nana my bike”. The call subsequently went off.

Ages later she came home looking deeply upset and on foot. Your guess may be as good as mine: some shameless hooligan has made off with her bicycle.

Crime rate is quite low in Coventry as compared to other big cities thus we are surprised by this disgraceful act of theft. She described how distressful it was for her as people stared at her strangely as she took off the lock the misbegotten thief left behind on the bike stand.

One of the things that she said gives her hope is, it’s been a year since she moved to Coventry and she is yet to see anyone with the same model of bike as hers. Thus it will be easy for her to recognise her bike should the illegitimate owner come cruising with it in town.

Considering she lives a bit of a  distance from campus, the bike was a very helpful asset to commuting and it also made carrying her shopping much easier.

A formal complaint has been logged at the Coventry police station and she is awaiting further action. Looking forward to hearing good news to this regard.  Stay tuned.



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