Fresher’s Fair

It was certainly bigger and even better as Coventry University welcomed its fresher’s with non-stop music, a thrilling atmosphere and a legion of freebies. The influx of fresher’s as well as returning students added to the exciting atmosphere. Free key holders, bottle openers, lollipops, sweets, pens and even whistles were enough to get students visiting the various stands.

The aim of most students if not all was to go back as many times as they could. For me I was feeling a little guilty and for the fear that I would be recognised for having come for a freebie more than once. Everyone told me to disregard that thought. So eventually like everyone else I went as many times as I possibly could.

The stands included Riley’s sports bar with its 80 pence per bottle of drink offer, NHS blood with free tooth brush and tooth paste, SK 8 House, the Herbert Art gallery, IKEA with a £1 off shopping voucher, Birmingham university air squadron, our very own Source media team and many more.

Mobile and broadband companies like 02, Virgin media and Lebara were also available with numerous sign up offers and discounts. It looked like the battle of the mobile phone companies.

The “His and Hers” goody bag got students green with greed because of its packed free content. Not forgetting the free dominos pizza which student couldn’t have enough of; with some students even boasting about how many rounds they have been for a pizza. Listening to the boys blab on about eating way too much pizza, I followed suit.

They were even kind enough to teach me the trick; ‘Don’t go to the same person twice for pizza. Alternate who you go to every time.’ There were quite a few pizza servers at the stand so the advice worked well.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t a bad idea after all. I left London pretty early and didn’t have breakfast not that I eat my breakfast anyway. Still not an excuse but oh well.

As students often tend to be a target of burglary, Endsleigh insurance was also present to encourage students to have insurance of some sort on their personal belongings.

Speaking to a few fresher’s I met at the fair,

Elizabeth said: “It’s good and I’m enjoying myself”.

Tamara a fresher intending to study English said: “It’s amazing how much is available. I would certainly attend the next fresher’s fair even though I will be going to my 2nd year then.”

Ulicka and Rachel both intending to study sociology found the atmosphere really lively.

Don’t remember having that much fun last year. Truth be told I didn’t really attend my fresher’s fair. What I remember attending was the clubs and society fair. I focused most of my attention on attending the introductory lectures and after I just got the bus and went home. I now feel cheated out of freebies.

I think going back a few times to get more freebies was to appease myself for having missed out on last year. I can say without a shadow of doubt that fresher’s fair is truly fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.