Le Dix-neuvième Jour

We had a class from 10am to 1pm. We didn’t really study anything if I remember clearly. We just played games that served as a good ground for us to interact. It was something like snake and ladder. This one had to do with question. It was questions like tell us about your favourite country or recite the alphabet from Z to A.

The games were a way of whiling away the time as we were booked for ‘Atelier des Chefs’. With this we watch as a chef prepare a meal and we did the same with ingredients provided. It’s amazing how a few of the food turned out even though every table had the same ingredients.

We had the opportunity to bake the famous and most talked about ‘Gâteaux de Nantais’ and we sat down with wine and orange juice and ate what we had prepared. It was a poignant as this was the last time most of us were seeing each other. The French experience was sadly over.

We departed with hugs and sad eyes, exchange of contact and the promises to get in touch.

Sorry it was nearly finished before I got the camera out.


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