Le Douzième Jour

   It’s been mostly about “Châteaux and Cathedrals” however i can say that Angers tops it this far. Today I was in awe of this city and was captivated by the beauty, the peace and how tidy the city was. “Anger est trѐs beau et trѐs propre” was my response as we reviewed our visit in class.

Maya, I can only admire how you got to ‘Angers’ in one peace and it will only be between those who know. If by chance your mum should come across it, she would be mortified so we leave it as hush hush…

On my return to Nantes, I kept reminding the few friends I know who lived in Nantes how dead their town is, but they vehemently disagreed. I was told it was because I had not taken time to explore the town and its surrounding vicinities.

I’m not sure it would make a difference if I did. The way I felt about Angers I don’t think exploring Nantes would change my mind. Well I never know, but until I have a thorough tour, Angers Rocks!

A view of the city from up the castle.


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