Le Dixième Jour

Today was a steady day with lessons throughout. I was daring enough to have lunch outside. I often had packed lunch so I thought I was missing out on something when others ate out. But it turned out not to be the case. I got a Panini ‘baltique’ sandwich or whatever it was called. Gosh it was awful! It was horribly salty. I find food in this environment very salty. I braved it and carried on eating but after a while I definitely had to bin it. That was an absolute waste of my money and I’m taking packed lunch tomorrow.

Ps: I’m still getting used to the toilets here. Its starling when men just walk into the toilet whiles you are there. You can’t really blame them.

I’m still not used to crossing the road as I keep looking on the wrong side. Anytime I decide to cross because there is supposedly no car coming…..oopps there are cars on my left. Careful girl!


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