Le Neuvième Jour (Life as a foreign student)

One reason why castles were built in the early centuries was to protect the city from enemy attacks. It is one of the very reasons why Châteaux des ducs de Bretagne was built.

Today’s second visit to Châteaux de Bretagne was an interesting one. The story of Nantes in the previous centuries ago was retold. It was built by the end of the 15th century by François II.

A preserved display of a 19th century biscuits. Care for some?? Ok maybe not.







The duke’s luxurious toilet. Woaaaaow! “The seat is so far from where the poo falls.” Amazing!







I’ve never been this sad like I was today. After the tour of Châteaux de Bretagne, I ended up alone. I would rather not go into how it happened because it makes me upset just to think about. I made an attempt to reunite with my mates but in vain. I ended up going round in concentric circles.

I decide to go back to the Châteaux just in case I see a familiar face. On my way, I was approached by these two girls who asked me a rather interesting question. They asked if I knew Miss France or Miss Nantes and where she lived. It sounds unbelievable but I am definitely sure what they asked were along those lines. My French may not be exactly great but I know what I heard. For a few seconds I sort of stared blankly at them and I didn’t know what they wanted me to reply. So I just said sorry I don’t know her.

Very interesting. How I’m supposed to know that? It’s been just a week and I just about got used to my new environment. Know who Miss France is…..jokes. After nearly 45minutes of finding no one I knew and could hang out with and also feeling worse, I decided to get on the train and go wherever it took me. I had time to spare before we went back to class so it seemed a good idea.

After what seemed like years of travelling I got off, crossed the tram way and got on the next tram back. When the group was reunited, we queried each other about how the split happened. So we decided to stick together on our next visit. Me especially to be honest because it was not the first time I’ve winded up alone but its definitely the saddest I’ve been alone.


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