Je suis de retour

Le temps passe tellement vite quand on s’amuse. Durant ces quelques semaines très agréables, je pense que j’ai beaucoup appris. Beaucoup plus que je n’aurais espéré avoir le privilège d’apprendre en un an.

Non seulement intellectuellement (scolairement), mais aussi socialement parlant et ainsi de suite. La plupart sinon la totalité de mes observations étaient justes.

J’ai rencontré des gens (des personnes) incroyables et je pense que j’ai construit quelques amitiés qui dureront pour toujours. Ce fût une expérience inoubliable que je n’échangerai pour rien au monde.

Je suis heureuse et reconnaissante envers tous ceux  qui m’ont aidée d’une manière ou d’une autre. Lorsque je regarde en arrière et que je me rappelle tout ce que j’ai appris et fait durant ces dernières semaines, je crois que j’ai pris la bonne décision et venir en France a été un choix judicieux.

Le Vingt et unième Jour

   We had an awesome time of worship at church today. It was a poignant moment whiles prayers for our departure were being said. I believe we were all looking forward to going back home to our family. Nonetheless, it was also sad leaving our new family and friends.

The service ended with me singing a special song which subsequently earned me a standing ovation. mmmhum. My well wishers seem to have grown in number after the service, with countless of them saying they wished I was staying longer.

The climax of the day was the send- off party held in honour of the departing students. For some its being a year and for me a few memorable weeks. However, I can speak for us all when I say we can’t believe it was ending.

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Le Vingtième Jour

Didn’t do much today. I spent the day packing and putting my things together. The only major thing I did was moving from Vincent Gauche to Jean Moulin.

Vicent Gauche                                                           Jean Moulin


Le Dix-neuvième Jour

We had a class from 10am to 1pm. We didn’t really study anything if I remember clearly. We just played games that served as a good ground for us to interact. It was something like snake and ladder. This one had to do with question. It was questions like tell us about your favourite country or recite the alphabet from Z to A.

The games were a way of whiling away the time as we were booked for ‘Atelier des Chefs’. With this we watch as a chef prepare a meal and we did the same with ingredients provided. It’s amazing how a few of the food turned out even though every table had the same ingredients.

We had the opportunity to bake the famous and most talked about ‘Gâteaux de Nantais’ and we sat down with wine and orange juice and ate what we had prepared. It was a poignant as this was the last time most of us were seeing each other. The French experience was sadly over.

We departed with hugs and sad eyes, exchange of contact and the promises to get in touch.

Sorry it was nearly finished before I got the camera out.

La Dix-huitième Jour

I just got home from a beautiful display of fireworks. Today is French national holiday (Fête nationale). I had the day off class and its being full of activities.

We had guests and I was privilege to prepare a sumptuous meal for 12 people. The food was a hit as it really went well. It was also an incredible shared time and there was more than enough for all.

The girls and I decided to crown the evening by going to the fireworks. We were left at home alone. Why should we stay at home when everyone else is out and about having fun?

Le Seizième Jour (Life as a foreign student)

There was definitely a lot to see at Marché de talensac. The vast display of produce depicted variety.








A sniff of ‘Gâteaux Nantais’ was enough to get you drank. “C’est forte” is what I kept hearing.







Talensac has produce that can make you stare with realising and I have to admit I was fascinated by the purple cauliflower.

Le Quinzième

The class to day was very interactive and I think I spoke more than the previous weeks. We discussed Friday’s visit to Angers and I couldn’t stop going on about how beautiful and clean it is and also my wish to go and live there. I wasn’t feeling very well today so I left for the house. I terminated my day by lunch time.

Le Treizième Jour

It’s been a stay at home day today, except for going to the Saturday market. My highlight was seeing frog meat at the market. Sorry but I found that pretty disgusting. It was my first time seeing it. I recognised most of the produce on the fish and sea food counter. I asked about this interesting looking meat I wasn’t at all sure what it was. Only to be told it was frog. Eeeeewww.

Le Douzième Jour

   It’s been mostly about “Châteaux and Cathedrals” however i can say that Angers tops it this far. Today I was in awe of this city and was captivated by the beauty, the peace and how tidy the city was. “Anger est trѐs beau et trѐs propre” was my response as we reviewed our visit in class.

Maya, I can only admire how you got to ‘Angers’ in one peace and it will only be between those who know. If by chance your mum should come across it, she would be mortified so we leave it as hush hush…

On my return to Nantes, I kept reminding the few friends I know who lived in Nantes how dead their town is, but they vehemently disagreed. I was told it was because I had not taken time to explore the town and its surrounding vicinities.

I’m not sure it would make a difference if I did. The way I felt about Angers I don’t think exploring Nantes would change my mind. Well I never know, but until I have a thorough tour, Angers Rocks!

A view of the city from up the castle.