La Deuxieme Jour et La Troisième Jour (Life as a foreign student)

Day 2

Today has been an amazing day.

After our lesson the class visited Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-ET-Saint-Paul de Nantes. Medieval Nantes has certainly got a lot to offer. We also visited Château des ducs de Bretagne.

Although its just Tuesday it felt as if l have been here a long time. It also felt like I’ve know new friends for a long time.After our promenade de Nantaise, a few of us went to the cafe because Irina was craving crêpe. l had ‘oeufs du fromage’ and it was amazing.

Oh yes……l went to lidl Lol, because i was craving brioche. l had no idea where Carrefour was neither did i fancy getting lost…peut-être pas. Lidl is close to where l ive so it was ideal.

Day 3

After a tiring day for me, Maja and I got the tram to head home. I got to know she lived in my area as well. We were on the tram when a very huge man boarded. Before I could offer him my seat, he asked the gentleman opposite me if he could offer him his seat.

Not long after the man sat, the tram began to smell. I mean a very offensive smell. Everyone started looking around if they could identity where the smell was coming from but to no avail. Within a minute I got up from where I sat. The smell got worse and worse. People also started to vacate the area.

A lady picked up her little boy from the push chair to smell his nappy. Certainly a little boy’s poop couldn’t be that offensive. It was then a passenger told her not to worry and that the smell was not coming from her son. You could see the relief on her face.

Alors, I continued covering my mouth and nose but it was in vain. The worse happened when Maja told her there was a lump; I mean an enormous chunk of poo on the floor on the tram. What?? She goes yes. I said nooo! that couldn’t be true. I tilted my head to see……………..oh Mon Dieu c’est vrai.

Everything in me was churning. I really shouldn’t have seen that. I started to feel sick. To say I wanted to throw up is an understatement. I wanted to vomit. I couldn’t breathe. The lump of sh***t had fallen from the big man’s trousers. It’s been on him and he’s been travelling with it for God knows how long.

Not wanting to embarrass myself by being sick on the tram, I got off at Aimé Delrue and walked the rest of my journey home. Maja found the whole ordeal really hilarious. I didn’t. That was gross. Disgustingly gross.


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