Reflection on Interviews

From an early stage of start my modules I made a mental note that collating interview will be part of it. I’m sure a vast number of people do not enjoy face to face interviews as it may sometimes be boring. This is either due the way the interviewer is asking the question or the way the interviewee is responding.

I was nervous a few times when I had to do an interview to help me write an article. Well I didn’t think I would get eaten up on the contrary that never had to anyone running an interview session. Most times the nerves were just down to whether the people will receptive to me. However their receptiveness was not a major problem as I always had a back up. To get me going I constantly reminder myself, that as budding journalist, stories won’t fly to me, I would have to go out there and find it and my inquisitiveness always kept me going.

The first interview I did was for a feature article I wrote on natural food supplements. This particular one was not daunting as such because an acquaintance helped agree a meeting with the specialist. I had read a bit about natural food supplements so I knew what to say and it turned out to be a successful interview.

The interview I found a little daunting was when I have to go to the Herbert art gallery to interview the experts in there to help me produce my news package. When I go to the Herbert, it was solely just to explore the arts displayed and the concept of a one to one interview did not particularly get me excited. I found myself wishing I could go with a friend who would do the talk while I made noted. But you know what they say beggars would do if wishes were horses.

The lady at the reception was very helpful. I reminded myself of the sense of accomplishment I always felt when I my work was completed ad take kept me going. The interview to my surprise also turned out to be a successful because I was genuinely interest in the subject I was covering for my new package. My initial fear of fumbling was soon thrown out of the window.

One thing I’m still working on is to try and show the end product of my work to the people I contact for interview session. This is to reinforce the notion that their time they scheduled for me was put to good use.

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