Final Letter

If someone ever told you first year was easy, they lied. The foundation is always important. It has been worthwhile experience in these few months that flew by. It is good to see that despite all the ups and down the terms have posed you are still able to smile and make the most of every opportunity.

I am proud of your achievement thus far and your grades have been exceptionally good. The bridge between college and university is indeed a wide one. In terms of the work load, assignments and how fast I had to adjust but you did it. Unlike college where people just somehow automatically became your friends, with university you realised you had to take the initiative of making friends and through this you have met some amazing people.

In the few months of starting uni the feeling of nostalgia was inevitable and you always used to sit quietly and count your blessings. One I believe is the opportunity to have gain admission and also been able to find a place to live in the last minute although through no fault of yours. Events turned out that as at a week of reporting to university you did not have a place to stay and that alone was a major headache but you looked on the bright side. Your very positive attitude most often paid off.

 Even though you detested the house you currently live in because of its size and distant location I can see you have come to love and appreciate it. I know you were grateful in the end that you lived there because it turned out to a five start accommodation compared to some of the places you had initially dreamt of living.

Your family continues to be proud of your achievement and you are constantly reminded how lucky they are to have you. It is marvellous to see that seven months in university has not changed you. Even if there have been a change, then it has been for the better. You never missed a lecture and neither did you miss any assignment deadline.  This was a true display of responsibility. You not falling asleep on your laptop how proved that you can doubtlessly cope on your own without mum and dad having to keep an eye on you.

I can see your warm-hearted nature won your house mates over. They enjoyed your food and your very good company. Although sometimes behaviour tried your patients to the limit you displayed a deep sense of maturity and always rose above it. Nana-Ama I am so proud of you and I know you look forward to moving your new secured house. This experience I know has opened your eyes immensely to appreciate the good and very disciplined upbringing you have had.

The advantage module was an opportunity you grasp with both and hands. You are one brave person for registering for Chinese Mandarin. Thinking you would have opted to continue with French when this moment came, chose mandarin instead. Your decision was truly out of the blue but I can also say with surety you have a sense of adventure about you and you wanted to break the protocol of the usual subject people always chose.

Your ever improving fluency and current grade for mandarin truly shows a deep understanding and interest in the subject. Very impressive! In as much as you focused deeply on coursework, it has not been all about it. Joining Gospel Rhythms was a healthy option to relax you from the constants commitments to your never ending assignments. I know you did it because you missed singing in the choir at home.

The tenacity with which you have engaged in other product activities I know gives you a deep sense of achievement. Although you are still gradually finding your niche you are working well on the opportunities that come your way. The interviews session, the visits to court and filing reports has been a very good exposure. It good to see you have bounced back from the set back and disappointments these months came with and have also learnt from the embarrassing experiences.

I clearly remember the joy and excitement you had when your first article got published in the Buzz newsletter and the continuous proud sense of achievement as you see your articles up on CU Today weekly. Keep it up as it will all work immensely to build up that very big portfolio you are aiming for.

First year is indeed almost over. Second year as it said gets harder but Nana-Ama I know that is not a deterrent to you. Still continue to look forward to the day of graduation. I look back and I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. Coming to university to study journalism has been a happy path for me.

In the more challenging days ahead I know your determination will see you through. Do not quench the fire of ambition. I continue to hope this will be a satisfying path for you.

As always I say to you fear not and never let anyone put you down or tell you can’t.

Sincerely yours

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