There have been days before today.

People have existed long before you have.

Your time is now in the space you occupy.

Although sometimes small,

It is how much you invest in the space,

You occupy that matters.

Nothing is certain in the days we live in.


The sunsets in the distance,

The moon rises at night,

Chirping birds announce the,

Dawning of a new day,

But every day is different.

Today we see those we love,

And even those who don’t quite like as much,

But tomorrow they are no more.


In a matter of seconds,

The world’s most powerful nations,

Most powerful economies are begging on their knees.

In an age where the heart of man is wicked,

And the thirst for material things is insatiable,

Nothing is for certain.

Those that strive to learn,

The secret of contentment find it.


There are days when time feels slow,

And other days fast.

But whether fast or slow,

In the moment of it all tell people,

How much they mean to you.


In the fast lane of life where the sun will always rise,

Nothing is for certain.

Invest in the space you occupy,

And in what you believe in.

If you don’t believe in Heaven or in Hell,

Whatever it is that you believe,

You better be right.


As the days come and go people will always,

Live through the yonder years.

Some longer than other others.

But in the days that we live in, nothing is for certain.

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