“Awful Journey”

Yesterday was one of my worse train journeys ever. I left the house in enough time, got to Euston at five minutes past 2pm. Ouch! I had to get on the three minutes past 2pm train. I missed it!

My ticket was a standard one and this meant it was not valid on the next Virgin train on the plat form. The Virgin one way ticket was way too expensive so I bought the London midland ticket instead.

I went straight to platform 8 and without double checking I got on the train on the stand. The train took off earlier than expected. I checked my time in amazement and was very surprised by the unusual early departure. The onboard announcement began only for me to realise I was on the train to Tring. I was looking very confused. I have heard of Tring but have no idea where that is. After a few minutes of brain storming, I spoke to one of the crew members. A very kind looking gentleman who advised me to get off at Watford junction and change for the Coventry service.

I boarded the train which arrived ten minutes after I got off in Watford junction. When we got to Bletchley, we were delayed because they couldn’t find a conductor to take over. After wasting our time for minutes unend, the train was cancelled and we were all alighted. This journey started on a bad note and it was not looking better but as typical of me I kept my calm.

We joined the next service to Northampton and in Northampton, the train terminated. Again. Now I was getting very restless, chilly and hungry. So were the other passengers I was travelling with. I waited twenty minutes for the next service and arrived in Coventry at 5:38pm. What an awful journey.

Dad called me when I got home to check on me. He asked if my train went through Leighton Buzzard. I said yes. He also asked if I used the ladies in Leighton Buzzard to which I laughed because the questions were weird. It was then told me a woman had just died in a fire outbreak on the London midland service from Northampton to London. As somewhat typical of dad he said serious things as if he was joking so I didn’t take him seriously.

I went online to find out for myself and these were my findings.


I was shocked with what I found. I left Northampton at 4:56pm and the incident happened at 5:07pm. What more can I say except Thank God for travelling mercies. Whoever this woman was may her soul rest in peace.