News Day


In words: Its 1:30 and Nana-Ama reporting

Airstrike Hits Gaddafi Compound

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 55 seconds (with audio)

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s private residence has been destroyed as allied airstrikes pounded Libya for a second night.

Smoke was seen rising from within the heavily fortified compound which houses Col Gaddafi’s private quarters as well as military barracks and other installations.

William Gortney pentagon’s spokesman made it clear that the Libyan dictator himself was not a target. “We are not going after Gaddafi” He said.

A Libyan official reported that 64 people had been killed in strikes at the weekend.

Libyan officials took reporters into three-storey building destroyed by shrapnel apparently from last night’s missile. It was unclear where Col Gaddafi was at the time of the missile strike.  Gaddafi’s forces have however continued despite a ceasefire announced by the Libyan authorities.

Downing Street said that Col Gaddafi remained in breach of his obligations under last week’s UN resolution.

Nuclear Plant Workers Evacuated

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 40 seconds

Workers have been evacuated from Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan after a plume of smoke rose from one of the reactors. Tokyo Electric Power Company spokesman Hiroshi Aizawa said the firm was investigating after the light grey smoke was seen rising from unit three of the spent fuel storage.

Japan’s nuclear safety agency reports that the Radiation levels however have not risen after the smoke was spotted.

Food products near the Fukushima nuclear plant were found to contain levels of radioactive iodine far higher than the legal limits. However, China and South Korea have announced plans to toughen checks on Japanese food.

Search continues for missing Swindon woman

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 30 seconds

Police are still searching for a young woman who went missing after leaving a Swindon nightclub on Saturday.

Sian O’Callaghan, 22, who is a recent of Swindon has not been seen or heard from since. Police are searching a forest area after it was thought a call was made from her mobile phone.

Ch Insp Mike Jones said officers were talking to Miss O’Callaghan’s family and gathering information about her.

Officers also say, they a have reason to believe she may have visited the Marlborough area after leaving the nightclub.

Miss O’Callaghan is 5ft 3in tall with brown asymmetrical hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a black bolero-style jacket over her grey dress and flat boots.

Police say they are aware of previous assaults in a club toilet in 2008 but they are focusing on the here and now.

Two Children Found Dead In Bristol House Fire

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 40 seconds

Two boys, both under the age of 10, were discovered by fire-fighters tackling a serious fire that broke out at a property in Bristol.

Their parents and siblings manage to escape the house before the arrival of the emergency service at 6:30am this morning.

William Roberts, duty manager at Avon Fire and Rescue Service said the fire was fully developed and engulfing the first floor and roof space when the crew arrived.

Four fighters wearing breathing apparatus attacked the fire using two fire-fighting jets, discovered the bodies of two children on the first floor.”

Mr Roberts described the children’s’ deaths as a “tragedy” and confirmed the cause of the fire was being investigated.

Blaze scorched

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 40 seconds (with audio)

The Belfast Giants won with a 7-2 against the Coventry Blaze at the sky dome last night and it was a thrashing.

Greg Owen scored both Coventry goals as they suffered their 10th defeat in their last 11 games.

With Sheffield Steelers being crowned champions and Cardiff Devils finishing second, Blaze and Giants will now meet in a two-legged play-off quarter-final.

The sides meet in Belfast on 27 March and return to Coventry on 28 March.

Library service budget cuts

Nana-Ama Akpoblu

Duration: 20 seconds

Warwickshire County Council will ask people to give their views over the next 12 weeks as the council has proposed closing 16 out of the 34 building because of the reduced budget.

Councillor Colin Hayfield said a review of the libraries network and opening times was taking place, with consultations being held. A council spokesman said it must cut £2m from its £7.4m across all services.

Out words: That is the latest, Nana-Ama Akpoblu reporting

Reflection on Newsday

Newsday’s came with a sense of excitement and anticipation. I arrived earlier than the stated arrival time which was to come at 9 o’clock am. I was apprehensive about the prospect of working as real journalist for the day but all the same I looked forward to what the day will bring.

After signing in, we were briefed on the day’s task and allowed to get on with our work. I spent the time gathering news contents from CNN, IRN, BBC and SKY newsroom. The reason for using different news sources was to ensure all the news I reported run sequentially and all quoted figures on news reports were correct.

To give the audience an all round coverage of what was happening around the world, I gathered two international news, two regional news and two local news.

The stories were straightforward to gather however it was difficult to concentrate on writing them up. This was because there was a lot going on around me as everybody was busy preparing their news content. I regained concentration minutes later on because I knew the experience would be similar to what I would face if I working as a real journalist.

I read the stories as I typed and reworded them. Additionally I changed my allocated time slot to an earlier one because I felt I would be able to have my news bulletins ready.

In the air studio, I started the news bulletins very confidently however I stuttered once and that ruined the rest of the reading. I was however happy that I did not stop amidst the reading because of my mistake. The reason for my stuttering was because I only rehearsed the first three bulletins and was confident with them however the last three I brushed through before going on air.

Additionally I lost focus because at a point I thought to myself how well I was doing on air hence the inner excitement threw me off balance therefore I have learned to keep the excitement for later.

New days on the overall brought with it a sense of achievement. I was however disappointed I went over the required minutes. I do realise that if I was hosting a programme on air and I went over, that would be eating into someone else’s time slot therefore I would do my best to keep to the required time limit the next I go on air.

As mentioned earlier, stuttering in my airing left me really disappointed about my day and my performance. I have learnt that to be an effective broadcaster, I need to be confident and not lose focus when reading, work to meet the deadline and also rehearse thoroughly before going on-air.



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