Nana-Ama Akpoblu                                                            Total duration: 2’47”


“Then she rode forth clothed on with chastity:

   The deep air listen’d round her as she rode,

   And all the low wind hardly breathed for fear.”

 Lady Godiva the legend still lives.

The poem of Alfred Lord Tennyson that made lady Godiva the legend she is today.

Nana-Ama Akpoblu reports

Lady Godiva is described as a noble Anglo-Saxon woman who has existed for a hundreds of years. The legend has it that she rode naked through the streets of Coventry. The legend is kept alive with the celebration of the lady Godiva festival celebrated annually in July.

Despite the controversies surrounding her existence, Paul Thompson keeper and collections Coventry heritage argues the Godiva was not only a real person but an important figure to Coventry:



IN WORDS: Godiva was a real lady…

Out words: ….Coventry was the biggest one

DURATION: 1’06”]

Ali Wells keeper and collection of social history and natural history from the Herbert art gallery explains that lady Godiva could be seen as more than a representation of the earliest histories.  


NAME: Ali Wells

IN WORDS: She represents some of the earliest history…

OUT WORDS: …put Coventry on the map.

DURATION: 0’20”]

Andrew Mealey, Senior Librarian at the Coventry historic centre stated that the people of Coventry are aware of lady Godiva and her statue is also a strong reminder to them: 


Name: Andrew Mealey

In words: Coventry people have always been aware of…

Out words: … connection is with the city. 

Duration: 0’17”]

Nana-Ama Akpoblu reporting, with the story if Coventry city’s most prominent historic figure.

Reflection on News package

Lady Godiva is an important historic figure to the people of Coventry and most often the story of Coventry is not told without her.  My news package was therefore centred on her to recapture the story of this amazing Anglo-Saxon woman who has lived through the centuries.

The legend is she rode naked through the streets of Coventry to relive the tax her husband Leofric had imposed upon the people. Nonetheless, there are controversies surrounding her existence as some still doubt if she rode naked or even existed at all.

Visitors to the city centre are always amazed by her statue which stands in Broad gate. Therefore my chosen topic was of news value as the Lady Godiva festival is celebrated annually.

Speaking to three expects at the Herbert Art gallery I was able to gather enough background information to help me construct my news package. Initially I wanted to go to the city council to see what information I could be provided with in regards to my news package however I realised the Herbert Gallery is enriched with a variety of experts on my chosen subject.

I was anxious about going to the Herbert to speak to speak to anyone let alone ask for an interview. I have been to the Herbert on a number of occasions but that was solely as a hobby to explore the art display.

Finally, I summed up the courage to go as the work had to be done. The lady at the reception was extremely help and friendly. She directed me to the right person to speak to. After introducing myself and telling him my reason for coming I booked an appointment to see him the next day if possible.

Fear and disappointment began to kick in when I started to get an out-of office automated reply from the other experts I needed to speak to. The hope of meeting the deadline for my package was shuttered as this messages stated that they were on annual leave.

However, I had a very successful interview with the gentleman I met earlier on named Paul Thompson who is one of historians in the Herbert gallery. I was lucky enough to obtain a second interview from one of his colleagues who willingly spoke to me even though it was short notice. The open questions I designed were useful in soliciting the response I needed for the package.

By the end of the day I was regaining my confidence which was lost. Two days later, I received an email from one of the experts I had to speak to saying they would be back to work on Thursday. The email also said, even although his designated area of work was closed to the public, he is willing to give me an interview if I can make the appointment. By this time things were looking brighter and my package might meet the deadline after all.

After all the interviews were obtained, came the dreadful task of uploading them on Adobe audition. I kept fiddling with strange buttons on the Adobe soft ware and putting the final product of my news package together seemed impossible. The software was sophisticated and high-tech and the more I panicked whilst using it the worse my results turned out.

Paul my technician lecturer was very instrumental in taking me through the procedure on how to operate Adobe. More so, I realised that although we had gone through using Adobe audition in class, we didn’t have as many clips to practise on therefore when it was time to uploaded and operate an original clip from scratch, I was found wanting. When I gain composure of using Adobe, I operated the normalise and level adjusting function with ease. This was to keep the voices in my package consistent.

Having successfully done it all, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. Also I found myself helping some of my course mates who were also encountering difficulty operating Adobe audition. On the overall, the use of sound effect was effective because it tied in well with my package.


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