‘I became a Journalist by mistake’

BBC Radio 3 DJ Andy Kershaw told his story at Thursday’s Coventry Conversation. Andy is known as the champion of world music. He has always been a big fun of radio but his diversion to broadcasting is another story on its own.

His main interest is finding interesting information and the world; this passion is evident in his visits to Haiti. Speaking energetically of his fourth visit to North Korean; a country he describes as the most ‘secretive’ in the world.

Showing the devotion to his interest, Andy stated: “reporting on the Rwandan genocide in close quarters was a matter of life and death.”

Andy is surprisingly modest for the life he has led describing “himself as the luckiest person he has ever met.”

He was a student of Leeds University, and despite never actually graduating he has been very successful in his ‘kind of journalism’.

His picturesque, ‘absurd’ life and butterfly mind meant he cannot deal with boredom. Although only in jail for a mere forty days, Andy read thirty two substantial books.

Showing that imprisonment has not changed him, Andy explained that whilst in prison “the only people whose judgement mattered to him were his children and they have always stood by him”

Andy’s book NO-OFF SWITCH is set to be published in July this year, grab your copy!



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