Reflection on the cabinet of curiosity

The things I love and loath I believe are as a direct result of my upbringing and also things that appeal to me as an individual.

I ask myself would I have loved the same music and have the same fashion sense had I been brought up in a different culture? I respect that most of my discipline has aspects of Ghanaian training in it because that is my heritage. However the different culture I’m referring to is not the British one I live in neither is it the Ghanaian parental influence I have had. Rather would I have seen life the same way as I do had I been born in Papua New Guinea? May be not.

I love a variety of music because that was what I was exposed to as I grew up. As a child I am susceptible to the things around me. My parents were my role model and the most important people to me. Therefore whatever they did and whichever music they listened to had a direct influence on me.

I love travelling because I acquire new experiences. On the other hand, my desire to visit other places besides my immediate environment could be because I do not like to be at one place over a long period of time. I believe I have fitted in well with a mix group of people right from boarding school till now because of my conviction that there is something new to learn from the people I meet.

My intolerance to dishonest people is as a result of the repercussion of their actions.  They ruin important friendships. My love for literature is because I feel confident when things are not obscure to me.

Subsequently I involve myself in productive activities because I appreciate that my involvement is valued.

By nanaamaakpoblu Posted in 130 MC

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