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What draws our attention as individuals always vary. Human beings by nature are curious beings. Curiosity helps us to explore beyond our immediate surroundings. Without being curious we will not aspire to know more about the things around us. It is our curiosity that drives us to ask questions like why, how and what if.

Our upbringing also plays a vital role in what gets our attention. As individuals we have a motivation to succeed and standout in society. Our tastes and preferences will also differ from or be similar to that of those around us. In our quest to find out the meaning of the things around us and to understand why certain things happen the way they do, one has to realise that not all things in life would ever be understood and not all questions might get answered. Moreover if we are not curious, we would not endeavour to gain knowledge. Whereas, the knowledge we acquire helps shape who we are thereby developing our personalities, broadening our horizon and also giving us a clear distinction between our likes and dislikes.

Growing up in a very disciplined home and mixing with people from different backgrounds has helped me appreciate the opportunities I was given. It has allowed me look at life beyond my immediate environment. As the years went by however, I have come to love as well as loath some things. In the next couple of lines I would explore the things that get my attention and compare them to the things that do not. These may vary from other people’s experiences. Nonetheless it brings to mind that as individuals we all have our own unique experiences.

I have always been drawn to languages. This comprises of languages from all over the globe. Curiosity drives me to ask myself why some people speak the way they do, why some talk with clicks and others do not. Language unites people and therefore when one cannot speak or understand a language it becomes a barrier. Also it makes not only communication difficult but robs us of gaining a deeper understanding of the unique people we meet. Having being described by my parents as a child who has an ear and a heart for different language, encourages me to learn at least the basic words from the speakers of different languages I meet. Language in my opinion is not strange. We only find it strange because we do not understand what is being communicated to us. In regard to this, my passion for different languages has also earned me friends and acquaintances over the years. This is because people appreciate that even though I am not a native of their language I strive to learn and understand them.

I also have a deep love for great buildings and also nicely designed houses. Surfing the internet to look at grand designs as well as looking at houses showcased in my local newspapers is something I enjoy doing. This keenness is as a result of having lived in different places when I was growing up. It gives me a sense of appreciation to be fortunate to have always had a roof over my head. Moreover I also admire the wisdom of the architects who make these drafted designs on paper become reality. Below are some examples of cut-out pictures of houses that caught my attention as I looked through my local news paper.

Additionally, my desire to travel the world has been something I always dreamed of since childhood. My dream country at the moment is New Zealand. Travelling gives us insights into how other people live their lives and also opens our eyes to the way of life outside our confines. Travelling does not only mean spending time in different time zones but rather it also gives us an understanding into different cultures. For example the tipping culture in the USA which is culturally acceptable whereas considered rude in Japan.

Visiting the Flanders field museum and the Tyne cot cemetery in Belgium was a very solemn experience for me. I did not only personally come to know the resting place of 11,954 soldiers of the common wealth forces but also I gained knowledge.


 I have always loved being put in charge of things. It reassures me that the people around me have so much trust in me. Also my three time election as a class representative speaks for itself. Furthermore, my time in boarding school has also being instrumental in helping me develop a matured attitude towards work. I have a strong belief that “whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve” therefore that encourages me to strive to the best of my ability. I am a self motivated person and this is a trait that always exhibits itself anytime I find people around me discouraging. On the other hand leaving me in charge of my siblings allows me to display my sense of maturity. For example I attentively supervise their activities as well as prepare them a dish of their choice thereby allowing me to also explore my passion for cooking.

I love fashion because it allows me to express who I am. First impression counts and people form a judgement and opinion about you the first time they meet you therefore my physical appearance is of great importance to me. For me a good hair do, a well ironed clothe and neatly polish shoes would be my signature. This does not mean I flow with the trend of the masses but rather I stick to what works for me as an individual.

Nonetheless I recognise that the fashion trend of our generation is a continuous evolving one and society is becoming more permissible to this fast changing trend. The portrayal of women in the media has always been something I dislike. Women are shown as object and not respectable people. This doesn’t serve as a good example to the younger generation because it decreases the value society places on womanhood.

Growing up as I child I have heard my parents play different types of music from across the globe and in diverse languages. Therefore my passion for different languages allows me to connect to the lyrics although I do not always understand what is being sung. This further highlights my love for different cultures.

Nonetheless, there are some customs I have come to abhor. For example the practice of female genital mutilation in my opinion is a barbaric and horrific customs. It doesn’t not only humiliate the women in these societies but also causes them a life time of physical and psychology pain. The practice of scarification is another ritual some cultures practice. My probing to know more about such traditions draws me into reading a varied amount of literature on the subject and also about the people of such societies.

I love entertainment especially movies and I am an avid fun of East Asian films. Movies serve as a medium to broaden our scope especially when sourced from different cultures. I believe in movies the characters do not only act but also covey the social value in that society. My love for music is because it speaks a language of its own. Therefore singing in the choir as well as leading solos puts me on the pedestal to express my passion for it from deep within. People singing and playing musical instruments together I believe is not only a job but also a language that is spoken and heard across the planet. I am also an ardent dancer and taking salsa and zumba lessons is one of the most amazing things I ever signed up for. It gives me joy and also allows me express another side to my personality. However I detest music that contains expletive and also songs that degrades women.

My love for literature is an attribute that has been embedded in me by my parents. Reading motivational books such as The ‘Magic of thinking Big’, ‘The Richest man in Babylon’ and so on allows me first hand knowledge on the real life accounts of the people these books talk about and also to learn about what motivates them to succeed. I would also have to mention that chemistry is a subject I never understood hence I never liked

Additionally, my involvement with different extra curriculum activities such Community Sport Leaders Award (C.S.L.A) as well as socialising with different people has won me friends, some for life and others very good acquaintances. As the scripture says “There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” I have endeavoured to keep contact with the good people I have come to know over the years as my address changes and likewise theirs. We network together through Skype, yahoo messenger, e-mails and by phone communication. Surrounding oneself with good people allows one to exhibit their inner most character.

In as much as socialising with different people has earned me trustworthy friends, I however cannot tolerate dishonest and disloyal people. With such people around you, you cannot progress as their attitude is usually negative. They also break ones moral. My curiosity however drives me to try and understand such people and their reasons for betraying the trust people place in them but I have not come to that knowing yet.

Talking about my love for different seasons, I would also highlight that an umbrella is not something I enjoy carrying around so this causes me to dislike rain although it’s a beautiful blessing from nature. However I love autumn and winter. The leaves turning golden brown and falling of the trees signifies a peaceful time of year for me.

As my understanding of things grow and as I acquire knowledge, the things that get my attention might continue to change and those that matter now may not matter in later years. All the same I appreciate the opportunity to learn something new every day.

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